5 Instagram filters that are popular and why

04/02/2023 - By Ronny

The 5 hot Instagram filters in the article will help you quickly catch up with the latest Story posting trends in this 2022. Please watch now!

Why should you use the current hot Instagram filter?

Currently, on Instagram in particular and other social networks in general, there are many filters created by publishers, as well as active users, releasing very own and interesting effects.

And the current hot Instagram filter is known to be the synthesis of all the most used filters, diverse types of words: funny, beautiful colors, masks, ... you can quickly refer to and use, instead of spending time going through each category, to find a name that suits your purpose of "storing the moment".

With many people using it and being the trend, "catching the trend" for photos and videos makes it easier for your story or post on Instagram to make an impression in the eyes of the other person. Sometimes your creativity with one of these filters, if beautiful, interesting, can easily be on trend.

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5 Instagram filters that are hot right now should try now

Indie kid

Filter instagram is hot right now (Photo 1)

The first is the India Kid filter with a lot of downloads of up to 2.1 million users - an extremely "huge" number compared to many other filters on Instagram.

The effect of this filter does not have a too sophisticated effect. but with hot tones, it is easy to help people achieve the standard of charisma, beauty and "menly" with angular lines being honored to the maximum. best.


Filter instagram is hot right now (Picture 2)

Having a classic-looking color gamut with impressive superimposed photo effects. Users can use this filter for the purpose of creating accents. For example, a delicious dish, or a new speaker . Using effects will attract more attention in the eyes of the viewer many times over.

Cute Princess

Filter instagram is hot right now (Photo 3)

Using the Cute Princess filter  helps you look like a Disney princess stepping out of the movies, making every face very "cartoon" with characteristic big round eyes. 

At the same time, it also makes every scene more humorous, which is why this name is attracting nearly 1 million users.


This filter is no less with other representatives when it has been saved by more than 1 million people. Ethereal has the definition pushed to the highest level, cool "cool" color gamut, promising to help you look more fashionable and stylish.

Filter instagram is hot right now (Picture 4)

Big mood

At the bottom of the list is a filter that is not too strange for those who love humor and wit. Filter is extremely interesting by shaping the mouth and big eyes. You can use this filter in intimate meetings of relatives and friends. When you post to Story, you will surely receive a lot of interaction. Later, looking back will also bring many smiles to you.

Filter instagram is hot right now (Photo 5)

Hopefully with the current 5 hot Instagram filters, users will have more options to use beautiful and interesting filters whenever they want to save any moment. If there are any more interesting filters, don't forget to share them with MODAIR by leaving your comments right below!