Action Launcher: Pixel Edition Mod APK 50.5 (No Mod)

Action Launcher: Pixel Edition Mod APK 50.5 (No Mod)


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Description of Action Launcher: Pixel Edition Mod APK 50.5 (No Mod)

A brand-new program called the Action Launcher will make it simple and quick for you to open your preferred applications. The software is incredibly simple to use and can be customized to your requirements. The team behind Nova Launcher created the Action Launcher Mod APK, thus it contains all the features and capabilities that are found in this well-liked Android launcher. It works with both tablets.

Action launcher Mod Apk 6

Without having to deal with the bother of rooting your phone, do you want to alter the look of the home screen? This is what you need, then. One of the greatest applications for customizing the appearance of the home screen is this one. So, give this incredible tool a try if you're tired with your home screen's default setting.

You may change the background picture, icons, color scheme, fonts, and even whether or not widgets are enabled or disabled using the app. Finding something that meets your requirements won't take long since there are many possibilities available.

Implement Application Shortcuts

Every day, cellphones become a little bit smarter. We're used to seeing many functions on our phones now. The ability to see the notifications while using the phone is one such function. This saves us from having to open the program each time anything happens, which is incredibly helpful.

But what happens if we uninstall the app? The app icon then vanishes from view. You must go into the settings menu and turn on "Show Notification Preview" if you wish to use that specific app again. You may now instantly examine any notifications you get by touching them.

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Strong Features Designed for the User

You may remove undesirable apps from your Android phone with this program. It's simple to identify which programs you don't use any longer and delete them. However, this program has one drawback: you cannot remove system applications with it. Therefore, you shouldn't worry about it. These issues don't exist. Everything will be alright if you just adhere to the directions provided here.

Feature Quickthem

You may customize your Android device's background and icons without rooting it by using the Quicktheme function. One of the things that sets Android apart from the competition is this one. You can quickly alter the wallpaper, icon sets, fonts, and even the appearance of the apps using this feature.

Shortcuts with full functionality

There are a ton of helpful features that Action Launcher Mod APK 3 offers. One of them is the capability of adding personalized gestures in the app. This enables you to carry out certain tasks without continually tapping the symbol. You could, for instance, create a shortcut to open recently used apps. A simple way to get to your favorite contacts list could be what you're looking for. Any kind of shortcut may be defined using Action Launcher. Even multiple actions can be combined into a single gesture.

Premium Features

On your smartphone, you can now make shortcuts for any website or URL. All you have to do is input the website's address and click the "Create shortcut" button. That's it. Additionally, you may add many websites at once.

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Create Your Own App Icons

This is the spot for you if you're sick of seeing the same old icons on your home screen. You may modify the icons of the installed programs by using this app. You may make sure they coordinate with the design of your home screen in this manner.

Apps Can Be Hiding From Recent Apps

This is the ideal option if you're tired of looking at the recent applications panel's list of recently used apps. The app will conceal the applications from the recent apps list using this capability.

Simple User Interface

This software also comes with a ton of additional features. You don't have to be familiar with how to utilize them, however. The user interface is quite straightforward and simple to grasp. It features a simple layout and isn't too cluttered.

Issues with Action Launcher Mod APK

There are some problems with this software. Users claim they have frequent crashes. The majority of users, however, have reported no problems at all with the software.

FAQs: Is this app secure?

On an Android smartphone, how do I install the Action Launcher Mod APK file?

First, download the APK file from the aforementioned URL. When the file has finished downloading, touch it and choose "Install." Automatic installation should start right away.

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What makes this app's free and premium versions different from one another?

This app's free edition only offers a few features. While the premium version offers additional capabilities like junk file removal and data cleanup.

Is it possible for me to get the apk file straight from Google Play Store?

No. You must use the link in the article to download the apk file.

Is this app secure?

Yes! The program is 100 percent secure, thanks to the creator.

Will any Android phone be able to use the apk file?

Yes. Any Android phone running the apk file is compatible.

Action Launcher: Pixel Edition Mod APK 50.5 (No Mod) Download

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