AdGuard VPN — private proxy Mod APK 2.2.52 (Premium Unlocked)

AdGuard VPN — private proxy Mod APK 2.2.52 (Premium Unlocked)


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Description of AdGuard VPN — private proxy Mod APK 2.2.52 (Premium Unlocked)

AdGuard VPN Mod APK is a free Android application that safeguards your device from malware and other threats. Additionally, it provides parental control options, including time management. The program's most recent release includes new features and enhancements.

AdGuard VPN is a mobile security solution that provides comprehensive protection against, among other threats, malicious websites, cyber attacks, identity theft, spam, malware, and phishing. Adguard, an Android application created by the same company, provides equivalent functionality on desktop computers.

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This application allows you to block advertisements, trackers, and cookies, modify DNS settings, and access banned websites. Click the link below to download this free antivirus software.

AdGuard VPN Mod APK is a mobile security solution that offers comprehensive protection against malicious websites, cyber attacks, identity theft, spam, malware, and phishing, among other threats. Adguard, an Android application developed by the same business, offers comparable functionality on desktop PCs.

This tool lets you to block advertisements, trackers, and cookies, modify DNS settings, and visit sites that have been banned. Click on the link below to download this free antivirus software.

Here are some of the app's most advantageous features:

Efficacious ad blocker

AdGuard is one of the most popular ad-blocking software programs available. Its free version enables you to filter out advertisements while surfing the web, but it comes with restrictions such as blocking access to YouTube and other sites. The premium version, however, eliminates these limits and enables you to block even third-party monitoring cookies.

The program employs a "white list" strategy, meaning it bans only known dangerous ads and trackers. If you want to see precisely what is banned, hit the menu button next to each advertisement and pick "Show me" from the drop-down menu. You will be presented with a list of all prohibited items.

Thus, you may surf the Internet without fear of being followed and having your privacy compromised. Additionally, AdGuard Premium features a VPN connection, enabling you to circumvent restrictions and have unfettered access to internet content.

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Access to a range of servers throughout the globe

AdGuard VPN Premium provides access to more than 20 servers situated in various regions throughout the globe. This makes it feasible for consumers to browse the web at rapid rates.

As soon as you launch the application, it utilizes your IP address to choose the server that will provide the optimal surfing experience. You may also choose the nation in which your IP address will be hidden, so that no one knows your actual location.

VPN modes

Depending on your intended purpose, AdGuard VPN Mod APK provides three distinct operating modes. You may either choose one of the predefined modes, normal mode or selective mode, or build your own unique mode.

The usual mode is for individuals who do not care about privacy and wish to browse freely without being monitored. In this mode, the application prevents advertisements and trackers, but all websites are accessible.

Those concerned about privacy and security should enable selective mode. This mode allows you to precisely regulate which websites may connect to your device. Selective mode is an option to consider if you're concerned about internet monitoring.

Custom mode is the third available option. The custom mode gives you total control over the parameters of the application. You could, for instance, configure AdGuard VPN to always permit access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. while banning all other websites. Or maybe you want to limit access to certain websites at specific hours of the day. You may even construct a list of websites that you never want to visit again.

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Mode VPN with advanced settings

VPN Mode was introduced in Android Q Beta 3. It allows you to determine whether you want to utilize the built-in VPN client or enable automatic connection to an external VPN service. You may choose between the SOCKS 5 proxy or the OpenVPN protocol.

Multiple VPN connections may also be established concurrently. Consequently, you may connect to various networks based on your location.

Premium Features (paid capabilities):

• Protect my IP

By masking your IP address, you may conceal it from anybody.

• Protection against DNS leaks

Stop DNS leaks by preventing DNS queries from reaching DNS servers.

• Leak protection for WebRTC

By disabling WebRTC data channels, you can prevent WebRTC leaks.

• Emergency stop

When the phone is not connected to Wi-Fi, internet access is restricted.

• Statistics on data use

Determine how much data you've consumed throughout the month.

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• Auto update

Download upgrades and fixes automatically.

• Automatic restart

Restart the program if it has crashed.

• Battery saving

When the battery level is critically low, disable background services.

• App permissions

Manage which applications are permitted


• There is no free version

• Specific capabilities require a paid subscription

Frequent Questions

How does AdGuard VPN work?

AdGuard VPN operates via the use of a virtual private network (VPN) service. A VPN creates a secure tunnel between your computer and the Internet, allowing you to access the Internet via a different server instead of your ISP's public IP address.

What type of encryption is utilized by AdGuard VPN?

The VPN employs AES encryption with 256 bits.

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Exists any distinction between the free and premium versions?

There is no distinction between the two variants. Each has the same capabilities.

May I install both the free and premium versions simultaneously?

Yes, both versions may be installed simultaneously. But only one will be operational.

How Do I Install AdGuard VPN Mod APK on Android?

- Download the latest version of the AdGuard VPN APK file from our website.

- After downloading a file, the second step is to open it.

- Tap "Install" in the third step.

- Until the installation is complete, wait.

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