Animal Restaurant Mod APK 10.6 (Unlimited money)

Animal Restaurant Mod APK 10.6 (Unlimited money)


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Description of Animal Restaurant Mod APK 10.6 (Unlimited money)

Cute animals, adorable graphics and incredibly simple gameplay. These attributes make Animal Restaurant a unique game.

First of all, the application available for Android inspires with its storytelling. The premise of the game tells the story of an abandoned cat. He is found and housed by the owner of the Animal Restaurant.

The kitten’s life now has a new chapter. Not only does he have a new home, but he also works in the restaurant. Now he will have a difficult mission: to overcome the challenges of customer service, administration, advertising and food preparation.

The restaurant has many customers. Some of them are quite demanding; others more generous. But they all have one wish in common: to be well attended and to enjoy a delicious meal.

Therefore, your biggest challenge as a hardworking employee will be to maintain a high flow of customers. You must also ensure that all orders are delivered. Customers must leave satisfied.

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But as in any company, the beginning is difficult. The restaurant has no tables let alone an oven. Also, it’s very dirty. You should then start with a good cleaning, buy a basic oven and start with a single table. Yes, starting a career is not glamorous at all.

Gameplay far beyond cute little animals

Animal Restaurant is a very simple game. Already in the first interactions you have access to a tutorial while you are already “laying hands”. It’s short but very insightful.

Then the game is played and your main concerns will be:

  1. publicize the restaurant;
  2. fulfill customer orders;
  3. receive payments;
  4. to improve the service and structure of the restaurant.

Publishing the restaurant is easy. There are two ways to do this in Animal Restaurant APK. The first option is the Promote button. The second is via the “Flyer Promo” button.

Flyer Promo requires you to tap the button repeatedly until the bar (above the button) is full. This is a recurring task, and it gets boring after a while.

The most efficient way of advertising is “Promote”. Just click on the restaurant action button to enter a kind of accelerated mode. However, this comes at a price: you have to watch an ad for at least 15 seconds.

Fulfillment of customer requests

Shortly after the disclosure, customers begin to enter the restaurant. Initially they will occupy a single table. So you need to quickly click on the customer’s order to have your team take the order to the oven.

It is possible to increase the number of tables and ovens so that the flow is faster. Over time, if successful, your restaurant will receive positive reviews. This means that the outcome of the disclosures will have a much greater impact.

receive payments

Immediately after enjoying a dish, the customer leaves a little fish. This is the payment method for the game. The customer then leaves the table for another and leaves your premises.

Improving the service and the structure of the restaurant

By clicking on the “Menu” button, you will have access to a range of items that can be purchased with the customer’s payment. On the same button you also have access to new dishes and drinks to learn.

In the course of the game not only money will be a purchase criterion. The number of customer reviews is also counted as a required item. Among the recipes that can be learned are: Strawberry Pancakes, Crushed Ice, Spaghetti and Yaiyaki. As well as many sandwiches and pizzas.

Use the notoriety gains and make upgrades including Mediterranean-themed drinks, dessert tables, windows, rugs, and blankets. This expands your operating range and accelerates revenue.

Hire helpers

You can and should have helpers. As the flow of customers increases, you will not be able to serve all customers and clean the facility at the same time. So enlisting the help of other animals for the heavy lifting will save you a lot of time.

Animal Restaurant Mod APK – No Ads

The gameplay offered by Animal Restaurant Mod APK combined with the graphic quality of the game are undoubtedly its differences. The game itself offers a unique and non-invasive way of using ads to help the user progress faster in the game. But advertising is advertising!

Therefore, the modified version of the game (Mod APK) can offer you wonderful moments of smooth gameplay without any interruptions. This allows you to delve much deeper into the game, which makes the game a lot more fun.

For that, just download Animal Restaurant Mod APK now! Have a good time.

Animal Restaurant Mod APK 10.6 (Unlimited money) Download

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