Archero Mod APK 4.11.1 (Menu mod/High Damage & HP)

Archero Mod APK 4.11.1 (Menu mod/High Damage & HP)


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Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 4.11.1
Size 1.3 GB
Menu mod/High Damage & HP
Category Action
Developer Habby
Price Free
Google Play Link com.habby.archero

Description of Archero Mod APK 4.11.1 (Menu mod/High Damage & HP)

We’ll start with a disclaimer: if you’re not looking for a game that will get you hooked, it might be best to skip today’s article. The game Archero is an adventure with charming graphics, detailed animations, special effects, and (many!) enemies and problems to overcome.

In a world ruled by evil, you are a lone ranger on a quest to end the dark reign and restore peace. However, the evil forces are not at all interested in facilitating their goal.

You can rely on a large repertoire of collectibles, pets, weapons, and powers to defeat them. But the other side also has a lot of firepower, with a large variety of monsters, a terrifying number of creatures and bosses on gruesome levels, and very difficult to defeat.

Ah, there’s one more difficulty: every time you die, you have to start over from the first stage. The consolation is that your level, what you have collected, what powers you have learned will remain. Do you have what it takes to beat this app?

If you think so, this article will be providential for your ambitions. We’ve created a complete guide of Archero tips to prepare you for (almost) anything that comes your way. First, let’s understand the mechanics of the game.

Archeros mechanics

The game consists of a third-person view with controls that seem simple but require a lot of skill as the game develops. It’s a simple directional cross that you can use to move the character.

To shoot, simply release the controller. Here’s the first difficulty: you can’t take photos along the way. In this way, remember that every time you attack, you are also vulnerable to your enemies. Hence the need for a good battle strategy.

Divided into a series of levels that predictably increase in difficulty as the story progresses, downloading Archero still has you defeating a boss for every ten levels you master. Make no mistake: these bosses are very strong and one (or more) defeats is a normal scenario. So get ready to start the adventure many times.

You already understand the difficulties you will face. Now let’s talk about the basics you need to know to have your chances of success.

Archero Tips Guide

The recipe for beating the many levels and resisting the bosses is complex and involves good strategy, choosing the perfect weapons and items for the right moment, and even good old luck. Luck, of course: opportunity + right attitude.

The best weapons

You will have a beautiful repertoire of weapons with incredible powers to acquire and use. But the wrong choice can cost (another) life. So one of the most important tips is to know what to use from what you have.

Below we made a small color scheme of the best weapons. Basically, you have five types of weapon classes that we categorize in a color scheme. The top weapons are the strongest.

If possible, have them lightspear it is that stalker staff, which always hit the target or fires homing shots that follow the enemy. In addition, the damage of the two is among the highest of the currently existing weapons.

The best armor

Many say that the best defense is a good offense. However, in Archero APK you must be very balanced, that is, have very well prepared both for attack and defense. There aren’t that many armor options in the game. Game, but knowing which one to use is critical to success. The vote? Vest of Skill

The basic plan of armor is pretty obvious: protect. O Vest of Skillhowever, not only does it offer the greatest protection, it also grants about a 7% chance that your character will automatically dodge enemy fire.

In addition, if you’re lucky, it restores your health by about 20% and shoots electrical discharges at any enemy that gets close to you.

The best rings

As said, a big challenge requires big powers and magic items. So rely on powerful rings to defeat your enemies. Here we have two recommendations as follows:

  • lion ring → able to increase damage against bosses, in addition to improving your critical damage by up to 20%
  • bull ring → another powerful item that increases damage against all monsters and also improves your resistance by 10%. A great ally for Vest of Skill.

Do you think it’s over? Now let us help you choose the best bracelet for your challenge.

The best bracelets

There are four bracelets in the game and their powers depend heavily on your luck as their duration is random. The options are:

  • Frozen Bracelet → freezes enemies every time you enter a new environment. The duration can be up to 2.5 seconds;
  • Thunder Bracelet → Each time you enter a new environment, all nearby enemies are electrocuted.
  • Flaming Bracelet → Entering a new environment will burn between two and three enemies for up to 2.4 seconds;
  • Split bracelet → call shadow clones every time you enter a new room. The duration can be up to eight seconds;

We do not recommend the last two. However, choosing between Frozen and Thunder depends heavily on your strategy. Finally, freezing all enemies for a while helps a lot, but it requires you to have good weapons and skills to take advantage of it.

You are now almost ready for battle, but we still have to choose the best amulet and domestic animal for your project. Eventually you will need all the help you can get.

The best amulets

Here the choice is very simple: angel medallion. He is able to revive you (albeit depending on luck) and if so, make you invincible. Obviously getting it won’t be easy. The other options are:

  • Agile medallion → increases your dodge chance when your health is below 20%;
  • Bulletproof medallion → Enemy shots lose accuracy when your health is at the last 20%;
  • Iron medallion → Collision damage is reduced when you are at 20% or less health;

The best pets

This is the most peaceful point of the election of all pets are useful. However, the laser bat He is much better than the others as his laser beam can penetrate obstacles and walls.

the others pets are available:

  • Grim Reaper → throws a scythe that damages enemies;
  • Elbe → fires a series of high-speed shots;
  • Living Bomb → Bombs that slow enemies and deal collective damage;

It’s not over yet, but you’re almost done. There are still quite a few competencies in Archero, i.e. skills that could be listed here forever. However, if you know the other items and weapons, you just have to focus on choosing skills that complement your character according to the selection of other items.

An example would be if you already have a character with very good and strong attacks. Evasive abilities or ones that give greater damage resistance will provide the balance needed to survive opponents.

So, will you take up this challenge?

Download Archero and save the world from evil.

Use our links and enjoy the best challenge Archero Mod APK can offer. With our content you have the best tools, items and powers to finally be able to face evil on an equal footing.

All the features we’ve listed and many more are available to you with infinite money in Archero Mod APK, so missing the best weapon or collectible is no longer an excuse for not winning this challenge anymore. Just make the right decisions, use all your skills, and show that evil has no place.

Archero Mod APK 4.11.1 (Menu mod/High Damage & HP) Download

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