AVG Mod APK 6.56.1 (Unlocked Pro)

AVG Mod APK 6.56.1 (Unlocked Pro)


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Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 6.56.1
Size 41.4 MB
Unlocked Pro
Category Tools
Developer AVG Mobile
Price Free
Google Play Link com.antivirus

Description of AVG Mod APK 6.56.1 (Unlocked Pro)

Antivirus apps for smartphones are now widely used everywhere. It is very difficult for us to distinguish what is a quality antivirus application. But I assure you that AVG AntiVirus deserves this title.

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To date, more than 100 million users have downloaded and intensively used AVG AntiVirus. This number is more than enough to prove its quality and reliability. This application removes malicious files from your smartphone.

Prevent access of many different viruses and provide absolute protection for smartphones. At the same time, it also has the effect of greatly cleaning and erasing memory.

Awarded the title of one of the most popular antivirus applications, AVG AntiVirus certainly must do as advertised. It is true that it will affect and protect all applications. Regardless of whether it is an application available on the smartphone or downloaded from the outside.

AVG AntiVirus scans the content of all applications. Then it will notify the abnormal point in your machine. Requests are processed and junk files cleaned up. Prevent access and use of Wi-Fi without your permission.

Download AVG AntiVirus – one of the most perfect antivirus software

Although it only acts as an antivirus application on the surface, AVG AntiVirus does a lot of things that you can’t think of. Of course, among the important things it can do is remove viruses. Also prevents access from unknown apps.

Scan and find potential threats not only in apps but also in other tools. Maybe sometimes you get annoyed by constant notifications, that’s how AVG AntiVirus works. Make sure your smartphone is totally safe and away from the most dangerous software. Your identity is always secure when accessing many things in a day.

AVG AntiVirus mod apk free

Maximum privacy

One of the most important factors in the security of user information. In particular, AVG AntiVirus hides important things on your smartphone. Photos and videos, work dates will be locked and only verified if you are.

Apps can set a password if you don’t want anyone accessing it when you borrow your phone. Offers app-exclusive VPN access to many unsafe websites for different purposes. Grant permissions for applications to be downloaded.

If you’re asked for access to your camera, contacts, or personal information, AVG AntiVirus will let you know so you can decide. Sometimes all it takes is a click to view your information.

AVG AntiVirus mod apk

Check all activities

AVG AntiVirus scans everything on the smartphone. It scans software and games to make sure there are no malicious files. It also scans the websites of many different browsers.

Sometimes you visit a malicious website by accident. This method cleans up the danger and limits the damage.

Wi-Fi networks need checking when they arrive in a new location.. AVG AntiVirus, which monitors applications, websites and software, do this. The time spent doing this is also recorded.

AVG AntiVirus free


Automatic notification and cleanup

In order to protect and enhance the maximum performance of the smartphone, this application sometimes automatically interrupts tasks that affect the smartphone’s speed. Close the apps running in the background so you can start them again.

The data of all data downloaded via Wi-Fi is logged as a log to be able to consult at any time. If anywhere the account connected to your smartphone is accessed, a high-level alert will open. It will clearly announce all the information about the device accessing your account.

What is the time, place, name of this device. Comes with two options, the first is to log out of the account immediately or allow if it is you.

anti-theft device

The worst case scenario that no one wants is crooks stealing your smartphone. If it really happens, this is where AVG AntiVirus shows its strength. It will instantly locate and confirm where your smartphone is located.

Every system of the smartphone will be locked immediately so that it cannot be accessed in any way. It is even more intelligent to output a continuous tone for the smartphone to make it easier to find. Sometimes it is possible to take a photo of the crook’s position or face when they are open and email it to you.

Of course you have to do all of this if you have another device.

AVG AntiVirus mod free

We can see that AVG AntiVirus takes on many different tasks. Its operational capacity is very complex in just a single moment. Everything to ensure that your smartphone is completely secure. A true bodyguard that every smartphone user should need. Download AVG AntiVirus mod now to stop worrying about cyber threats.

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