Call of Dragons APK (Official)

Call of Dragons APK (Official)


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Description of Call of Dragons APK (Official)

Bright graphics and epic war atmosphere of fantasy games Call of the Dragons You feel like you are in the Disney world. Rarely has the experience of fighting, building and expanding kingdoms been so exciting and dynamic.

Introduction to the game Call Dragons APK

Call of the Dragons is a fantasy adventure strategy game with graphics designed in a cartoon style like classic Disney movies. The game is being developed by the team that created a hugely successful product called Rise of Kingdoms.

The game allows you to become the master of giant flying animals. They gather, mate and make them compete for territory in an ancient fantasy world. You are a genius character who fights against many strong opponents by building the strongest dragon army and constantly expanding your territory around the world.

Unique point in the game Call of the Dragons APK

Lead and control dragons

Capturing, wielding, and mastering dragons to engage in fierce battles in animated graphics is a theme many games have tried to exploit. but most struggle with it because they're so caught up in one thing: certain aspects and there is no balance. In Call of the Dragons the balance has been done very well to give players a sense of comfort right from the start.

Many breeds to discover

Participate in the struggles to assert sovereignty Call of the Dragons, you need a strong squad of flying dragons. The armed forces, in turn, are recruited from different tribes of the land such as elves, orcs, mages... Each race has its own characteristics and abilities. For example, elves are talented warriors who are extremely good at hand-to-hand combat. Orcs are very strong and fight tightly together like a tank; mages can create ice, which is very useful in long-distance battles.

Catch and control flying animals

In this ancient land there is a rare species that people both fear and want to possess. These are fearsome giants. They resemble dragons and can fly, but cannot be called dragons as their facial features, personalities and ferocity are completely different. This sheer ferocity makes them one of the most dangerous giant animals on land.

You approach and fight them in order to subdue them and lead them to a new land that is your territory. You nurture, train, and make Behemoths your own secret weapon. Use Behemoths at the crucial moment of each war to win and quickly conquer new lands!

Superior strategy

Call of the Dragons There are always 2 things you must lead: the Force and the Army of the Flying Beasts. This game's excellent strategy is reflected in the way you coordinate, arrange, and plan flying animals suitable for any battle.

Train your warriors and make sure they can do their best in battle. You must choose which way to dominate the battlefield or defend, and attack at the right time to win.

Expand and develop new lands

When you have many new lands in your hands, fight both and expand your kingdom. You can build important structures, advance technologies, train troops, continuously collect resources and conquer many new lands. You will soon become the ruler of this ancient Tamaris.

FAQs – Some questions about Call of Dragons APK game

Is the Call of Dragons APK file safe for my device?

The answer is yes. APK version of Call of the Dragons APK Just tweak some features to give you a smoother experience. For safety, you should download the APK file from our website.

Does Call of Dragons APK protect user information?

The answer is yes. This is a safe game, no cheating or information theft. This game is normal like any other game. An entertaining game that brings many different interesting experiences.

Is Call of Dragons APK playable on PC?

You can play this game on PC, you just need to download the mobile emulator to experience the game. You can download an Android emulator on your computer to play by browsing the appropriate tools. Or we have provided a PC emulator below for you to install.

Download Call of Dragons APK for Android and IOS.

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