City Patrol Mod APK 1.6.9 (Unlocked)

City Patrol Mod APK 1.6.9 (Unlocked)


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Description of City Patrol Mod APK 1.6.9 (Unlocked)

For gamers who love adventure games and want to participate in fun but equally exciting games, sign up now. City Patrol: rescue vehicles. This is one of the adventure games that many players participate in and experience today. Let's learn about this exciting and rewarding adventure game with us.

About the adventure game City Patrol: Rescue Vehicles

City Patrol: rescue vehicles is a unique and interesting game for players who love the experience and want a variety of games. Join the game, players will take part in creating a team of five rescue dogs. Your team not only has brave dogs, but also very clever mice.


The player's task is to make your team participate in adventures and complete their missions and challenges together. Players can rescue and support all those in trouble using the dogs' unique abilities. Also, each dog has special abilities and uses many of its qualities to complete the assigned task.

Adventure game City Patrol : rescue vehicles, what is attractive?

Game City Patrol: rescue vehicles Compared to other games, there are the following outstanding features:

happy world

Come to the game City Patrol: Emergency Vehicles, Players will take part in a game full of humanity and extremely unique. Players are guided to deal with emergencies and tasks to be able to react in the worst situations.

There are many special missions and scenarios designed to challenge players. The more missions players complete, the more opportunities they have to unlock more areas and have more unforgettable experiences.


Match the dog

During the game City Patrol: Emergency Vehicles, Players will have five extremely intelligent and loyal dogs accompanying them to participate in and complete the mission.

Every dog has different qualities that players need to take into account to succeed. Players need to tailor the work to match each dog's traits so they can help the team do well and finish the task quickly.

Help those in need

In the game, the main task of the player is to become a friendly adventurer and to help and support any people or animals in need in the game. As players learn, they will find that many characters are waiting for your help.

In this case, players must quickly find a way to save and help them. The more tasks you complete, the more people you help, the more rewards the player will get from the system.


Frequently asked questions when joining City Patrol: Rescue Vehicles

  • Is City Patrol: Rescue Vehicles playable on PC?

Game City Patrol: rescue vehicles Playable on PC and mobile devices.

  • City Patrol: Where are emergency vehicles free?

Download City Patrol: rescue vehicles for free from We also recommend these adventure games: 60 seconds nuclear adventure. Timberman The Great Adventure, Stop 117.

How to Download City Patrol : Rescue Vehicles Adventure Game for Android, IOS

Download the game City Patrol: rescue vehicles for free from Game links City Patrol: rescue vehicles and players participate in the game to have fun and learn how to help people.

City Patrol Mod APK 1.6.9 (Unlocked) Download

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