Crush Them All Mod APK 2.0.341 (Free Level Up)

Crush Them All Mod APK 2.0.341 (Free Level Up)


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Description of Crush Them All Mod APK 2.0.341 (Free Level Up)

One of the most played games on Android, Crush Them All - Developed by Imperia Online JSC., just got better!

Created by Imperia Online JSC this game is a huge success among game enthusiasts.

It combines clickers, role-playing games, and idle games. Click while keeping an eye out for the enemy's strike in Crush Them All's right upper corner. You must click the necessary power-ups in the upper left corner of the screen. A top-notch game called Crush Them All.
Many of you play games to relax after a hard day at work. Some of  However, there are many more games that can help you improve your skills in the workplace and make you a better person at the same time: Gacha Cute, Back Alley Tales, Dead Island.

What is Crush Them All, exactly?

In the smartphone, game Crush Them All, players must fend against armies of adversaries in an effort to rescue the globe.

To keep players interested, the game has easy controls and a variety of adversaries. The game is offered for free, however, those who wish to improve their experience may make in-app payments.

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What features does the game have?

  • Numerous game modes, including cooperative, multiplayer, and single player
  • A lengthy campaign mode with an in-depth and captivating narrative
  • An enormous range of tools and weapons to acquire and improve
  • Many different opponents to fight, including strong bosses
  • A stunning and captivating world to discover
  • Pixel game action with powerful heroes.
  • Pixel game graphics with classic nostalgia.

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The game features are comprehensive and diverse, providing something for everyone. There is a mode for you whether you prefer to play by yourself or with buddies. You won't get bored either since there are so many different weapons, foes, and items to find. Come therefore and discover what awaits you as you explore the game's environment!

With COLLECT and UPGRADE heroes, you'll be able to defeat stronger foes alongside your journey. Explore 1000+ stages, and join multiplayer guild to supremacy.


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Crush Them All - PVP Idle RPG Mod Features - Unlimited Money (Offers In-App Purchase)

You can freely enjoy Crush Them All without having to pay anything. However, there are some game items that can be bought for real money

- Free Hero Level Up

- Free Job Level Up

- Unlimited money

- Unlimited Insects: With this feature, you can keep on crushing insects until you run out of space on your phone memory.

 Crush Them All 2

- Save Your Progress: Once you’ve finished crushing all the insects, save your progress by pressing the “Save” button. You can then access these saved data later whenever you wish.

- Share Your Progress: You can share your progress through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

- Customize Your Game: You can customize the background color, sound effects and other settings to suit your preferences.

- Powerful skills are available to improve your chances to crush the forces of Evil.

- Team up with idle heroes to train and build powerful guilds.

- Bug Report: If you encounter any issues with the app, please report to our team via email. We will respond to your request within 24 hours.

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Crush Them All Tier List & Hundreds of Heroes (August 2022) - Anime Filler Lists

Crush Them is an PvP idle RPG where you play as one of the good guys trying to defeat the bad guys. We're giving you our tier list and best heroes so you know who to pick!

The only people who can change the Slayer and Rogue Research Trees are guild administrators (R4+). If you are a member of a Guild, you can:

Slay Bosses Event: players will fight against five different bosses which will ciclically alternate in each event season.

Minimum System Requirements

BlueStacks 5 requires a computer running Windows 7 or later. You must also have a processor that supports virtualization technology like Intel or AMD processors. Your system needs at least 4 GB of RAM memory. If you don't meet those requirements, we recommend upgrading your hardware.

How can I play Crush Them All and download it?

You must first install Crush Them All on your smartphone before you can download it and play it. After installation, you may run the game and begin playing right away.

Playing the game is quite easy; all you have to do is touch the screen to make your character leap and dodge hazards. You may also gather power-ups to assist you in your journey.

In the epic Pixel role-playing game Crush Them All, you TAP TAP through evil lands, crush the big bosses, and free the princess.

Build an unstoppable force by recruiting heroes and building an invincible army.

If you complete five common missions, you'll be able to obtain an additional rare mission. You might notice while working on your team that some jobs don't seem profitable or are too hard to do. If this happens, you can always change them by clicking the "Refresh" button.

You may always utilize the in-game hint system to obtain some assistance if you ever get stuck. Additionally, by linking the game to your Facebook account, you may compete against your friends. So why are you still waiting? Try out Crush Them All right now!

How can I advance in the game and level up?

Players must complete tasks and challenges to advance in the game and level up. They will get experience points as a result, enabling them to level up.

Also, players can get rewards for completing certain tasks, such as killing bosses. They can use these prizes to buy equipment that will help them get further in the game.

Guide and tips

Unique skills include things like unique abilities, special attacks, etc.

Unique skills include "The ability to cast spells without mana" and "The ability to use two weapons simultaneously."

There are several types of runes, each containing its own unique skills. These include family runes, which contain one type of rune; and individual runes, which contain multiple types of runes.

The best ways to get flooz are through gold chests and x2 flooz events. Daily and guild challenges, dungeons, blitz tier rewards, and fifth-day login rewards all give flooz.

Unique skills - It has three modes, each one divided into three difficulty levels. You'll need to be skilled at dealing with multiple opponents.

In summary, Crush Them All is a fantastic idle game with gorgeous visuals and an entertaining plot.

Crush Them All is the ideal idle game if you want to have fun and get addicted. You'll be intrigued for hours because to its fantastic visuals and compelling plot. Additionally, nothing is more gratifying than destroying all of your adversaries!

Crush Them All Mod APK 2.0.341 (Free Level Up) Download

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