DLS 9.00 has been released. What's new in Dream League Soccer 2022?

04/02/2023 - By Ronny

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DLS 2022, also known as Dream League Soccer 2022, is one of the amazing soccer simulation games with touch controls and lots of automated AI systems. Besides, it is also a suitable choice for players to challenge others in professional soccer games with absolute excitement and more.

Detailed foundation of A Football Club

When players arrive at DLS in 2022, they must start recruiting to start a new football club. They must also prepare for a long coaching career.

The system will also automatically recommend football players suitable for the club's current level. It will also make players prioritize young talent for each position.

After the formation of a federation, the development process is complex and involves many mechanisms or content to lay the foundation of a federation professional.

messi vs ro

Participate in living friendly games

The main source of income for players is friendly matches with other players in real time. However, developing the overall game is unique and innovative, requiring little direct interaction on the part of the player, but rather fluid and smooth control over the tactics map.

The control of the team decides the victory and at the same time it is the battle of ideas between the players for the football strategy genre.

Detailed upgrade systems

The upgrade system in DLS 2022 is simple but horizontally complex. This means that the more the player grows, the more new features are unlocked. This makes the gameplay richer and makes all members of the FC better as there are new opportunities through the upgrade system.

Also, if the systems are qualified, you can recruit more or better members.

Exotic And Legendary World Events

The world events are the most exciting part of the game. They have many real players, and the system matches everyone to similar opponents. You can also follow the games of the top players, and admire valuable teams with destructive power, both offensively and defensively.

DLS 2022 is a simulation game, but it's intense and entertaining enough for football fans. The systems, interfaces and graphics are well developed. As the player advances in their career, they'll see new materials, players and tactics become available and expand their experience.

  • The user interface has good game graphics for an immersive experience.
  • We have a comprehensive recruitment system to help your FC succeed.
  • We have a very detailed and specific design and assignment of members.
  • Many tournaments and events where players can compete in real time.
  • A fun game for football fans who want to build their dream team.