Dream Zone APK 1.34.2 (Unlimited Diamonds/Energy)

Dream Zone APK 1.34.2 (Unlimited Diamonds/Energy)


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Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.34.2
Size 85.33 MB
Unlimited Diamonds/Energy
Category Role Playing
Developer SWAG MASHA
Price Free
Google Play Link com.swagmasha.dreamzone

Description of Dream Zone APK 1.34.2 (Unlimited Diamonds/Energy)

Humanity, since the most primordial ages, has been forged by diverse elements. Two of them are central: reason and relationships. Although they can be considered antagonistic, they are directly related.

Being able to simulate the web of decisions applied to build a successful marital history is something surprising. You can accomplish this by downloading Dream Zone APK for Android.

Relationships are built by decisions. At each moment, one of those involved has to make both simple and complex choices. They can be from the hair model to carrying out a change of city or profession in order to invest in building a life with the spouse.

Thus, the construction of a good relationship is based on a chain of facts and decisions that, as with an athlete in full training, its result can only be perceived in a future time.

What is Dream Zone APK?

Dream Zone APK is an application available for the Android platform. Through it, you will embody a male or female character and will be confronted or confronted with different situations that explore your ability to make complex decisions.

The premise of the game is the construction of a loving relationship. Thus, you will build your own story on blank pages. But don't worry, the app isn't boring at all. You will have beautiful and stylish characters. The stories are breathtaking and even have sensual scenes. Unmissable!

Simulate a romance with sensational plots. Flirt, meet and find charismatic, seductive and sensual partners. Immerse yourself in passion and start a long-term romantic relationship.

The game was created with the most modern users in mind. The app works like a book, with the big difference that you are the author of the story. Every decision you make will alter the flow of the story and your character's destiny. Think carefully!

Features of Dream Zone APK

Choose your story. Select one of the many available storylines and face the many possibilities that fate - or your own choices - will determine your character's future.

Character maturation. Over time (in the game), your character can evolve. This goes both according to psychological characteristics (of the plot) and visual aspects (clothing, appearance and accessories).

Therefore, being aware of each decision made is so important. After all, how will you behave if:

  • Your boss is interested in your company;
  • The girl in the apartment next door is afraid of being alone and asks for your company;
  • His “crush” ended with his girlfriend.

Thus, after facing each situation, you will notice the evolution of your character.

Different routes. You will have the possibility to experience the most incredible experiences:

  • How about receiving an unusual and irresistible invitation from a stranger? Will you accept?
  • How will you behave when you realize that some of your schoolmates are not human? Desperation or hot blood and cool head?
  • When you see yourself in a circle of millionaires, will you keep your essence or will you have a corrupt and petty attitude?

Choose your pair. With each plot, you'll have the possibility of meeting different characters. Thus, it is only up to you to choose whether to advance or stop a possible new relationship. What will happen if you accept? And if you refuse? What are the possible directions? The story is yours and it's up to you.

Dream Zone Mod APK – Infinite Diamonds and Energy

Dream Zone APK is a sensational simulation game. Through it, you will be able to experience unique stories with captivating characters that will take you to another level regarding emotional resilience.

There are conflicts, relationships, frantic loves, and simple choices with complex results. Or complex choices with immediate results. By downloading the Dream Zone Mod APK, it is only up to you to decide the fate of your character.

The modified version of the app (Mod) brings some new features. Both the energy and the number of diamonds are infinite. The addition of these features brings with it greater game stability, making you worry only about being immersed and "upside down" in the stories. Download Dream Zone Mod APK. It is free!


Dream Zone APK 1.34.2 (Unlimited Diamonds/Energy) Download

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