Hago Mod APK 5.11.3 (Unlimited audio download)

Hago Mod APK 5.11.3 (Unlimited audio download)


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Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 5.11.3
Size 198.71 MB
Unlimited audio download
Category Social
Developer HAGO
Price Free
Google Play Link com.yy.hiyo

Description of Hago Mod APK 5.11.3 (Unlimited audio download)

It's not always easy to find a good game for an Android device. The truth is that there is no effective curation of free games that can tell us which games are worth it and which are not.

It's always worth checking the editor's suggestions, but sometimes they don't bring anything innovative. Thus, HAGO emerges as a solution to this problem: a curation of casual games, extremely competitive, with simple gameplay and with a very strong social and community aspect.


The application's premise is very straightforward: to offer games that can be played in up to 180 seconds, that can be played with friends or random opponents, and with which you can interact as in a social network.

All this makes HAGO an excellent alternative for casual games. An option that you definitely won't want to let go of.

What is HAGO APK?

HAGO is a mobile application available for the Android platform. It features a series of minigames that you can play alone or against other players online. This second possibility allows you to challenge your opponents at random or your friends, to face a more direct competition.

HAGO has these features:

  • All are quite competitive;
  • have an extremely simple gameplay;
  • Have a maximum duration of 3 minutes.

This gives the app not only a concept, but the certainty that its players will have a lot of fun. The possibility of facing opponents in such a short time makes the activity quite electrifying.


Additionally, the easy gameplay and competitiveness provide the added spice for the app's success.

Features of HAGO APK

HAGO has more than 80 games available in its catalogue. It's a lot of possibility and fun. Thus, it wouldn't be difficult that with so many games in a single app, it wouldn't be full of features. Let's see some of them:

Large catalog of games. Altogether, HAGO has more than 80 games available. For a casual gamer, this is pretty much the holy grail! That is, if you don't like a certain game, you no longer need to go through that boring process of installing and uninstalling applications until you find the coolest one. In just one installation you have more than 80 games. It's unbelievable and addictive!

Real-time battles. Every good casual game is better if it can be played with or against someone. After all, we all have a little bit of competitiveness in our veins, don't we?

Thus, HAGO does not let you down and offers resources to carry out battles with random opponents or of your choice in real time. Turn your friends into opponents (temporarily) and awaken the competitiveness that exists in you. Whether fighting friends or strangers, your goal is always to win.


Creation of personal channels. Yes, that's exactly what you're thinking. The app is so cool that it offers you the possibility to create a channel, like on Youtube so that other people can see what you are doing and the battles you are winning.

Reveal your own gamer identity and interact with channels from friends or players you admire. Here, the objective is not to compete, but to enjoy a more complete experience of using a social network within a game.

Chat with friends and voice chat. You are using your Android smartphone and typing while playing is not always possible. So HAGO came up with this amazing voice chat function. It is carried out via VOIP and is a way for you to be increasingly connected with people from your country and around the world.

Unbelievable games. By playing this app, you'll be able to find games that are already well known to the public, such as Sheep Fight, Knife Hit and even Fun Link. In the first, you use a sheep to destroy your opponents. In the second, you'll have to use and throw knives with surgical precision. In the third, you have to connect colored blocks.


All games have super simple controls and gameplay so you don't have to worry about reading manuals or doing tutorials. Just play and have fun.

HAGO APK – Unlimited audio download

HAGO Mod APK is one of the greatest sources of entertainment nowadays. With a simply incredible catalog of games, it captivates users both for the high availability of games and for their diversity.

With that in mind, the player can select several games to play in their free time without the need to perform progressive installations of different games. Therefore, HAGO offers a more than complete experience of entertainment and fun. Download it right now, it's completely free.

Hago Mod APK 5.11.3 (Unlimited audio download) Download

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