Hair Challenge Mod APK 20.0.3 (Unlimited money)

Hair Challenge Mod APK 20.0.3 (Unlimited money)


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Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 20.0.3
Size 67.33 MB
Unlimited money
Category Action
Developer Rollic Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.Upperpik.HairChallenge

Description of Hair Challenge Mod APK 20.0.3 (Unlimited money)

By the title of our article of the day, even though the name of the application is in English, could you guess what we are going to talk about? If the answer was being a hairdresser, you made a mistake. But, it has to do with our locks.

Our suggestion of the day is perfect for fans of Archero APK and other titles that challenge our hand-eye coordination. But, he is not exactly identical. In fact, the great exclusive and curious factor is in the plot: go through long stages and not lose your locks.

This is a very simple application, from its premise to the gameplay, but it is very happy in its execution and, mainly, in delivering good times to the players. In addition, if this type of game is perhaps not the favorite of most people, one of them is always there, present on the cell phone, for those lighter and more relaxing pastime moments.

We present Hair Challenge : an addictive app that you will probably spend every moment you have a little break during the day playing.

Unusual? It's a trifle, but it's also a lot of fun. Let's get to know the game more closely from now on.

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Description of Hair Challenge APK

It's a game whose proposal is already well known to all of us: controlling a character in third person who must, at all times, dodge obstacles to reach the end of each level with the most points.

During this process, it is also possible to accumulate extra points by collecting certain items. So what changes? Well, the idea here is very funny. In fact, it's almost cute. In Hair Challenge, you control a girl who goes through stages where a series of scissors and other different types of blades are ready to cut her hair.

What further increases the challenge is the fact that, while overcoming these obstacles, it is possible to collect an item – say, a kind of wig, at least, when we look at it on the screen. However, what these items do is grow your hair, which makes it more of a challenge as you then have to worry about long locks trailing behind you.

Evidently, any errors in coordination while avoiding one of these slashing barriers causes losses in your mane. And, of course, depending on the error, you "die" and have to start the level again. At the end of each level, there's a fun scene that caught our attention: your character lies down and the length of her hair will define how much game money you'll earn. It can be used for customization items later on.

Why try Hair Challenge?

In fact, the main highlight of the game lies in its simplicity, combined with phases that gradually bring greater difficulty – as expected – but without hurting the purpose of being a light title, which you'll spend time with, above all, when it's time to play. kill some of the boredom.

The graphics and the soundtrack are also quite interesting and give a lot of power to that addictive effect that games with this type of proposal try to achieve.

Furthermore, contrary to what we see in many mobile games that offer this type of gameplay, Hair Challenge has very well-defined and precise controls, so you don't have to go through those troubles where you think “ ah, but I dodged… ” .

Added to this package, the game is also very light, to ensure a very pleasant experience. The result is fun, fluid, beautiful and with very funny moments. For lovers of a good challenge, the more advanced levels, especially when you manage to keep your hair for a long time, are quite difficult and demand more coordination than you were already getting used to using.

Convinced? Well, see what we thought of the game .

Our verdict on Hair Challenge for Android

Downloading Hair Challenge APK is definitely for those users who are looking for a title that is capable of, at the same time, offering good fun, in the best “ almost automatic ” mode. In other words, you just want to have fun, without necessarily being willing to solve complex puzzles and face almost unbeatable enemies.

But, it is worth mentioning that this is far from meaning that the application is not good. Considering that an app must, above all, fulfill its promise, whatever that may be, Hair Challenge is, in fact, very good. Maybe it's not the title you'll choose when you have hours to play your favorite and probably much more complex game. But it will certainly be your chosen one in those moments of killing a few minutes before an appointment.

So how about it?

Download X8 Hair Challenge for Android and let your hair grow

As we always try to do – and, let's be honest, we have succeeded – we bring along with the information our Hair Challenge APK Mod that not only makes available all the best that the base version has, but, of course, it has all those improvements that you already have. stopped to think “ ah, if I had that, it would be wonderful ”.

That is, it is more seasoning for the already very attractive recipe for the game. Now, we invite you all to our challenge: how about playing and leaving in the comments what was the most you achieved in any phase in terms of money, that is, long hair? But, remember: this is a space, above all, that looks after honesty. Not to mention the advantage! Maybe we ourselves posted our record, if it can be called that.

Hair Challenge Mod APK 20.0.3 (Unlimited money) Download

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