Hitwicket Superstars Mod APK (Win Easy)

Hitwicket Superstars Mod APK (Win Easy)


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Compatible with Android 6.0+
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Size 197.35 MB
Win Easy
Category Sports
Developer Hitwicket Cricket Games
Price Free
Google Play Link cricketgames.hitwicket.strategy

Description of Hitwicket Superstars Mod APK (Win Easy)

Cricket is not as famous as football, but it is a popular sport. The game allows you to try this new sport Hitwicket Superstars. Build the strongest handpicked cricket team. Compete in the largest and most famous stadiums in the world. Defeat the strongest teams from the top countries. Let the audience cheer for his intelligence and technique.

Sports games often simulate what a sport is. That's why Hitwicket Superstars promotes these values. But with simple operations and tactical calculations, you will master the games. Everything is very intelligent and closely linked. It's friendly and easy to understand for all ages.

Burden Hitwicket Superstars Mod – Fight for the championship of major tournaments.

To join the tournament, pick your squad. You can represent India or other countries around the world like Australia, USA, UK etc. In each game, the gameplay is also identical to what you know in reality. The two sides are in turn divided into a pitcher and a batter.

If the ball is hit and flies far, points are added for that round. A game is divided into a total of six innings. The team with the most points wins at the end. If you don’t understand very well, you can practice to get used to the pace of the game.

Own the stars

If you want to achieve higher goals, you have to work hard to find the best people. They are divided into normal, rare and super rare levels. The higher the rarity, the more superior the initial base stats. After owning them, perform training to increase their strength.

Each training costs you a certain amount of money, which you get in your cash register. But in return, strength, speed, endurance or dexterity are increased. You can exceed the limit to increase your star count even more and unlock new potentials. Make sure you have the strongest players.

Use ability

You should know that each player on the team has three extremely useful skills. Each skill grants them a certain advantage when gas is activated. It can increase the power of each shot, increase the accuracy or speed or path of the ball. The batsmen or bowlers also have unique abilities specific to their role. The higher the level, the more effective these skills become. You can use it in times of need. Make moves and turn the tide to overwhelm your opponents with crucial scoring moves. See what each member of your team can do.

Multiplayer tournament

In this mode you will find many cool things that you have never tried before. For example, compete against other players in a real-time match. Compete with them in international championships for tons of valuable rewards. Take part in ranked battles to improve your current position. Depending on your ability, you can take part in amateur to professional tournaments. Through such games you will gain a lot of experience for yourself. You don’t have to get bored as you keep pushing the limits of your skills and intellect. Above all, find the joy and excitement that emanates from each game.

Participate in the auction

Want to get more excellent players? Just participate in the auctions to find a worthy player. Rare and powerful players were mostly sold to those in need. You can negotiate to get the best price for you. If you pay attention to this, you will surely get the most satisfying players. Engage with real-time stories to get a better look at each player. It is also possible to do business in this area to get a stable source of income. Bring together the people with the greatest potential and form a championship team.

After playing Hitwicket Superstars Mod you will have a better understanding of this topic. Not too complicated and time-consuming, can be played at any time. Develop at your own pace and always strive for the best.


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