How to build Layla Genshin Impact: Latest Information, Guide, Skill

04/02/2023 - By Ronny

Genshin Impact is a game that can be played on both laptop , PC and Mobile platforms that many gamers love. 

From version 3.0, miHoyo has launched a lot of new characters, in which Layla is the character that attracts a large number of gamers with her beautiful appearance.

 This is a separate article about Layla as well as instructions on how to equip and build the right squad for the character in the most detailed way.

I. Overview of Layla (Ice System)

1. Character information

  • Number of stars:  4
  • Main role: Support
  • Elemental:  Ice
  • Weapon used: Single Sword

Layla was a student among the many researchers of the Rtawahist School, who studied Astrological Reasoning, charted and wrote dissertations day and night. Due to the high expectations of the teachers, the topics were always piled up on the table; no matter what she did, she couldn't do it all.

Layla is so sleep deprived that even when she looks at the blank sheet of paper, she can see the stars spinning before her eyes.

How to build Layla Genshin Impact1

Although she has not studied at the Institute for a long time, she has been given a lot of strange nicknames: "Monster Man Sleepwalking", "Mobile Computer", "Heaven Ban Thesis"... All of these are distinctions. Layla's name given to Layla by acquaintances. 

2. Breakthrough Materials

Name  Icon Amount
Shard of Ice Gems
shivada jade sliver 64x64
Broken Ice Gem
shivada jade fragment 64x64
Piece of Jade Ice
shivada jade chunk 64x64
Jade Ice
shivada jade gemstone 64x64
Permanently Moving Core
perpetual caliber 64x64
Its Nilotpala
nilotpala lotus 64x64
Drawing Tutorial
sealed scroll 64x64
Drawings of Seals
sealed scroll 64x64
Forbidden Spell Drawing forbidden curse scroll 64x64 36

II. Skill Set (Ice System)

1. Active skill

Skill increase order of priority: Basic Attack > Elemental Attack > Elemental Wrath

Name  Icon Type  Effect
Sword of the Radiant Path
SwordoftheRadiantPath 45x45
Normal attack
  • Normal Attack: Perform up to 3 consecutive sword attacks.
  • When fighting: Consumes a certain amount of stamina, fires two swords forward in the blink of an eye.
  • Attack on Landing: Lands on the ground from the air, attacking enemies on the way and dealing ranged damage when it hits the ground.
Nights of Formal Focus
NightsofFormalFocus 45x45
Elemental Skill

Deploys Sleep Barrier and deals Ice Elemental Range Damage.

The amount of damage absorbed by Sleepy Shield is based on Layla's HP limit, and has a 250% absorption efficiency for Ice Elemental Damage. When the shield is deployed, Layla gains a short-term Ice Elemental attachment.

Night Stars and Flying Stars
During the duration of the Sleep Curtain, 1 Night Star will be spawned every 1.5 seconds; the character protected by this shield when using Elemental Skills will produce 2 Night Stars; each 0.3s maximum producing one Night Star in this way, up to 4 Night Stars at the same time.

When the Sleepy Barrier has 4 Night Stars, if there are nearby enemies, Night Stars will automatically change into Flying Stars to chase enemies, in turn, dealing Ice Elemental Damage to enemies hit.
At the end of the duration of the Sleep Curtain or being destroyed, Nightstar will also disappear. If transformed into Flying Star and fired, Flying Star will continue to complete the chase.

All of the Flying Stars fired before each turn will not be able to spawn any new Night Stars.

Dream of the Star-Stream Shaker
DreamoftheStar StreamShaker 45x45
Elemental Burst

Casts Dream Orb to aid sleep, continuously firing Starlight Bullets at enemies in the area, dealing Ice Elemental Damage.
Starlight Bullets, when hit will spawn 1 Night Star for the nearby Sleep Barrier; each Sleep Barrier will gain 1 Night Star every 0.5s for a maximum of 1 Night Star this way.

2. Passive skills

Name Icon How to unlock  Effect
Fortress of Fantasy
LikeNascentLight 45x45
Unlock when raising stars for the 1st time

During the duration of the Sleep Barrier, each gain of a Night Star grants the effect of Sleep:

Characters protected by the Drowsy Shield gain 6% shield effectiveness.

This effect stacks up to 4 floors, lasting until the Sleepy Barrier disappears.

Light's Remit
SweetSlumberUndisturbed 45x45
Unlock when raising stars for the 4th time Increases the damage of Flying Stars fired from Good Night; the amount increased by 1.5% of Layla's HP limit.
Secrets of the Night
ShadowyDream Signs 45x45
Auto Unlock When combining character endowment materials, there is a 10% chance to get x2 finished products.

3. Skill-boosting materials

Name Icon Amount
Must modair 1652500
Lecture Of "Exquisite"
bai giang cua tinh te 64x64
A Guide To "Exquisite"
huong dan cua tinh te 64x64
Philosophy Of "Exquisite" modair 38
Drawing Tutorial
divining scroll 64x64 1
Drawings of Seals
sealed scroll 64x64 1
Forbidden Spell Drawing
forbidden curse scroll 64x64 1
Thirty first
Mirror Mushin modair 6
Crown of Wisdom

III. How to Build Nahida (Ice Type)

1. Weapons

Equipment name Icon Number of stars, stats and effects

Key of Khaj-Nisut

keyofkhajnisut 208x208

- 5 stars

- Attack increased by 542, % health increased by 66.2 (at level 90)

- HP increased by 20%. When the Elemental Skill hits an enemy, it grants the effect of "Great Poetry" for 20s: Increases Elemental Mastery based on 0.12% of the HP limit of the character equipped with this weapon, this effect is activated every 0.3s maximum activated once, maximum stacks of 3 floors. When the effect stacks to the third tier or the duration of the third tier is refreshed, increases Elemental Mastery for all characters on the nearby team based on 0.2% of the equipped character's HP cap. This gas, maintains 20s.

Favonius Sword
FavoniusSword 256x256 3

- 4 stars

- Attack increased by 454. Elemental Loading Effect increased by 61.3 (at level 90)

- When creating a shock with a 60% chance to generate a small amount of Nuclear Element, restore 6 Elemental Energy to the character. Only cast 1 time every 12s.

2. The set of holy relics

The set  Icon Effect
Tenacity of the Millelith
tenacityofthemillelith 60x60

Set 2: HP increased by 20%

Set 4: After the Elemental Skill hits an enemy, grants 20% ATK to all nearby characters; increases Shield effectiveness by 30%, lasts 3s. This effect can be activated once every 0.5s max. When the character equipped with this Sacred Relic is on the team but not in battle, this effect can still be activated.

Noblesse Oblige

Set 2: Damage dealt by Rage Skill is increased by 20%.

Set 4: After casting fury skill, attack on the whole team increases by 20%, lasts 12s, this effect does not stack.

3. Stats of the holy relic set

Type  Preferred Main Stats  Priority sub-stats
Flower Blood

- Rate of Violence

- ST Violent

- % Attack

- Elemental Mastery 

- Attack

Hair Attack
Clock % blood
Glass Ice Elemental Damage
Hat Aggression Rate / Aggression ST

4. The line-up that suits Layla



Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Hopefully the above article will provide enough information to help you build Layla to maximize its strength to unleash every La Hoan period. Leave a comment below if you have any questions! Wish you have moments of fun gaming.