How to change your Minecraft skin, create new skins, and more

04/02/2023 - By Ronny

In Minecraft , gamers can choose one of countless different skins for their character, turning the classic Steve into superheroes like Thor, Spider-Man, princesses or witches in fairy tales and many more. more. But do you know how to change skins in Minecraft?

subzero skin

MODAIR believes that there are many gamers who only play Minecraft with the default skin, but do not know how to change the skin for their character. 

In this article, we will show you how to change the appearance of your character with just a few very simple steps.

How to change skins in Minecraft PC?

The PC version of the game is very easy to change skins; you just need to do the following 4 steps:

  • Open Minecraft Launcher.
  • Select Minecraft Java version.
  • In the menu located at the top edge of Minecraft Launcher, select “Skin”.
  • Hover over an existing skin in your library; the Use button will appear. Click Use to use that skin.
mc skin 1

What if you want to add a new Minecraft skin to this list? No problem at all, just follow the steps below.

  • Repeat steps 1-3 above to enter the Skin menu.
  • Click on the “New Skin” button with the plus sign to choose a new skin instead of the old one.
  • Name the new skin in the Name box (you can skip this step).
  • Click the Browse button, then upload the skin file (.png format) from your computer.
  • Click “Save & Use” if you want to use it immediately, otherwise select “Save” to add it to your list of skins.
mc skin 2

How to change Minecraft Mobile skins (Pocket Edition)

Mobile gamers using Minecraft Pocket Edition can also change skins, although there are not many free options.

  • Open Minecraft Pocket Edition on your phone.
  • In the main menu, under the character image there is a "Profile" button. Tap it to open the skin change menu.
  • Select a character skin you want to use. The number of free skins is quite small, but you can touch the Edit Character button to edit them for more uniqueness.
  • If you want to get a new skin, you need to import it yourself by choosing Edit Character > Import. We will show you where to download the skin in the next section.
  • Another way is to go to Marketplace and buy with Minecoin. The cheapest Minecoin package gets 320 coins.

Sites with beautiful Minecraft skins

Next, MODAIR will guide you where to find beautiful skins for Minecraft. There are many different Minecraft skins collection sites, but we've rounded up just a few of the popular sites with the most extensive collections.



This website has a huge number of skins and gamers can easily choose the best skin based on the number of likes or the latest. 

Many Minecraft gamers around the world share their creations on this site, so you will see many very creative skins, such as a pencil or king skin.



Skindex is one of the largest collections of Minecraft skins created by the gaming community. You can download, upload, and share your creations with Minecraft players around the world. It has a search box so sharing is much more convenient. 

Gamers can search by the name of the poster, the server on which the skin is used, by tag, by favorite skin, random, etc.

skin mc



This is the world's largest Minecraft content sharing community. You can find unique custom maps , exotic game modes, amazing buildings, and, of course, hundreds of thousands of different Minecraft skins. The skins posted here are all censored and undergo community screening, so gamers don't have to worry about encountering junk or obscene skins in the game.

How to Create the Ultimate Minecraft Subzero Skin!

The game Minecraft has been around for a while and is still popular today. Since it is so well-liked, there are even famous Minecraft players. This is due, in part, to the possibility of character customization and world creation. Now that "minecraft subzero skin" has been released, you may customize your skin in Minecraft!

A lot of skins, including a snowman, Santa Claus, an ice princess, and an ice queen, are included in the Subzero Skin Pack. To go along with the pack, you can also acquire some awesome new sounds!

Why not modify your skin as Minecraft is all about personalizing your experience? You can now, Thanks to Subzero!

Designing Your Base Minecraft Subzero Skin in Step One

There are several skins available in the video game Minecraft. Players may simply customize their own skins using the skin editor.

Using skin editors in games is a fantastic opportunity to show off your creativity. They also provide players with greater freedom over the look of their characters, which is a wonderful way to customize your experience.

Step 2: Enhancing Your Minecraft Subzero Skin with Details

Adding accessories is the second stage in creating a distinctive skin tone. This might be anything as simple as a cap or as intricate as a whole set of armor. The possibilities for additions are almost endless.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that your skin and accessories should always be in the same color palette. It will seem more polished and help bring everything together.

Making Certain There Is Depth in Step 3

Start by asking yourself how deep your surface is to make sure that there is depth. The initial paragraph and introduction of a blog article may be considered the surface. If you are creating a book, the first chapter may be all that is seen.

The next step is to inquire about the depth of the lava. By reading about it on Wikipedia, doing research on Google, or watching YouTube videos, you may learn this knowledge.

By asking oneself how deep Coolmine is, you may confirm that there is depth. A quick Google search will solve.

The fourth and last step is selecting the appropriate texture packs and shaders. Combining everything and revealing your new skins to the world!

Selecting the appropriate texture packs and shaders might be difficult. Particularly if you are a beginner. This is the reason I have put together this list of the top texture packs and shaders currently on the market.

How to make your own Minecraft Subzero Skin

Also, you can also use many different software to create your own "unique" Minecraft skins. In this article, we want to introduce you to three simple, free tools that can be used to create your own Minecraft skins. 

All of them are web-based tools, so gamers do not need to install cumbersome

Minecraft Skins


This is probably the easiest software to use to create new Minecraft skins. It doesn't have many advanced features, but with just a little time to tinker, gamers can create beautiful skins just like other software on this list.




This is a bit of software that is a bit more difficult to use, but it has very powerful tools for those who know how to use it. It allows you to zoom in, zoom out, automatically, color pixels, etc. to help users create beautiful skins much faster.


Nova Skin


Nova Skin has a lot of “genuine” features that you can use to create excellent Minecraft skins, and it also takes more time to learn. You can come across tools like Mirror, Gradient, in-game skin preview, a better interface, multi-layer support, etc. Its disadvantage of not having an Undo button has also been fixed.


After completing creating your own skin in the above tools, you just need to click the Download button to download the.PNG file to your computer and then apply the way to add a new Minecraft skin that we instructed at the beginning of the article. This to put it in the game.


So MODAIR has introduced you to how to change skins in Minecraft, where to download new skins, and how to create your own skins. Hope you find unique skins to use and surprise your friends in the game!