How to download Minecraft Beta for free on Android, PC, Xbox

03/02/2023 - By Ronny

Like the latest snapshot update for Minecraft Java, the Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta includes Piglin mob head additions, the ability to place mob heads on note blocks to play sounds, bamboo blocks, camels, and some bugs fixed that players encountered in the previous version.


How to download Minecraft Beta

How to download Minecraft Beta or Beta Minecraft Bedrock Edition will be different on different platforms. In the next section below, modair will guide you in detail how to download Minecraft Beta on 3 platforms: Windows, Android and Xbox.

1. how to download Minecraft Beta on Windows

Follow the steps below to download Minecraft Beta on Windows:

Step 1: Open the Minecraft game.
Step 2: Select the Bedrock Edition tab on the left.
Step 3: Select the Preview tab above the title screen.
Step 4: Click the green install button and experience Minecraft Beta once the download is complete.
Step 5: Also, if you have signed up for Xbox Game Pass, you can visit the link HERE to install the latest beta.

2. instructions to download Minecraft Beta on Android

Step 1: If you haven't signed up for the beta program yet, visit the link HERE and select the Become a Tester section .
Step 2: Go to the Minecraft download page on the Google Play Store and install it as usual. If you have Minecraft for Android installed, Beta will be installed automatically as a regular update.
Step 3 : Once the download is complete, simply open Minecraft to experience Beta If you want to exit the beta, go back to the link in Step 1 and select Exit Program .

3. tips for downloading Minecraft Beta on Xbox

Step 1: If you already own Minecraft or have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, search for Minecraft Preview on the console.
Step 2: Here you just need to find the Install button and click on it to download Minecraft Beta
Step 3: When the installation is complete, go back to the Control Panel and select the new preview application that appears to launch the game.

Currently, Minecraft has a compatibility issue on the iOS platform. Therefore, players who use this platform are currently unable to update to beta Hopefully, publisher Mojang will fix this bug soon in the coming days.

The above article modair has just shown you 3 ways to get Minecraft Beta on PC, Android and Xbox . I hope you enjoy playing Minecraft in this beta version