How to play PUBG PC and good tips for newbies from A to Z

04/02/2023 - By Ronny

For survival games like PUBG, you don't need personal skills or good tactics to win. There are still many factors that affect the success or failure of players with this game like a gaming laptop that supports smooth gaming, gaming mice, suitable keyboards, ..... And one factor that is also very important is the tips to survive in the game.

I. The 21 best tips for PUBG PC beginners

1. Always keep moving

In confrontational situations or in the middle of an empty room, you should never go into a stationary state. Since Bluehole reworked the gameplay to allow players to take only 3 hats from the "listening boxes", the performance of sniper rifles like the M24 and Kark 98 has increased significantly. If you don't want to fall victim to professional snipers, never put yourself in a static state unless you have a perfect hiding position to "eavesdrop" on the situation.

2. protect yourself effectively from smoke bombs (Smoke).

When the screen runs through the empty terrain during the run, the smoke phase ensures the safety of your movement from the eyes of the enemy. Or imagine you are hiding behind a rock, but the wings are pretty empty. The simplest and most effective way to deal with this is to use smoke on both sides of the wings to limit the enemy's vision, thus avoiding snipers or surprise attacks from unexpected places. So when you loot items, take as much Smoke as possible.

Shield yourself effectively

Shield yourself effectively

3. use vehicles as an effective shield

Vehicles are an ideal hiding place and effective protection for us, especially when we get to the final round. If you watch the tournament, it's not hard to see that teams on each map always try to get as many vehicles as possible. Even when entering the final round, teams often use the car to enter the field and accept the opponent's position to increase security and secure your life in the safest way. So try to use the vehicles in the game in the most effective way.

Use vehicles as a screen

Use vehicles as a screen

4. unleash your weapon to run faster by pressing the "X" key.

The X button will help you increase your speed when jogging barehanded. When the circle reaches your feet, the X key may bring you a bit more speed to get you into the ring.

Take off your weapon to run faster with the key

Unleash your weapon to run faster with the "X" key

5. remember to take off your shoes during warm-up to board the aircraft.

Remember to take off your shoes during the warm-up to board the plane

Remember to take off your shoes while warming up to board the plane.

Wearing these shoes will significantly muffle the sound of footsteps without affecting the speed of movement. If you ambush someone, the "clack" of the shoes will most likely cause the enemy to spot you.

6. avoid setting voice chat in public mode.

Avoid setting Voice-chat in Public mode

Avoid setting voice chat in public mode

Many teams have died unjustly because their teammates set voice chat to "Public" so that everyone nearby could hear their voice chat. So please make sure to set the voice chat in your group.

7. Change the firing mode of the gun with the "B" key.

Change the gun's firing mode with the key

Change the fire mode of the weapon with the "B" key.

You can press the "B" key to adjust the weapon's ability to produce bullets:

  • Single: Single shooting is mainly fired at long distances.
  • Burst: A volley of bullets is released after one click (burst mode is only available on some weapons like M16A4, UMP9, ...).
  • Auto: Hold down the mouse to fire bullets.

8. switch off display bar

In moments of fierce battles, you should turn off the indicator bars such as blood, ammo, mini-map, weapon, compass ... turn off at important moments.

Turn off the display bars

Switching off the display bars

In hot oil situations, the user interface can distract you or obscure important details. So turn it off and focus on survival with the "CTRL + U" key combination.

9. automatic scrolling with the "=" key.

Auto scroll with key

Automatic scrolling with "=" key

Driving long distances is very "tiring" if you keep pressing the arrow keys. Please press the "=" key to run automatically.

10. omit the pistol if you already have two better weapons on your back.

Pistols become very useless in the middle of the game, unless you can't loot weapons, and if you keep it, it takes up a lot of space in the inventory, but is rarely used. So throw them away to make room for more useful accessories.

11. Look carefully at the number on the armor in the inventory and then decide which armor you'd better use.

Look closely at the number on the armor

Look closely at the number on the armor

Many of you always mistakenly believe that a damaged 3 armor is still better than an intact 2 armor. But in reality, only the number on the armor in the inventory can indicate its true value. So think about it and make a decision.

12. how to control your motorcycle when flying in the air

To control your motorcycle while flying in the air without the car tipping over, resulting in serious injuries and "Game Over", you just have to press the space bar and the left Ctrl key to balance the motorcycle in the air before it touches the ground.

How to control a motorbike

How to control a motorbike

13. do not rush to shoot before applying for the top 1.

When you have reached the first 3 matches and have not been spotted by the enemy, stay hidden like this and look around to find the other 2. Shoot only when you are sure that you can kill the first enemy. Because the other person will spot you immediately and you will be in a dangerous position. Hiding and waiting for the enemy to shoot is the best way to track down the enemy and destroy him effectively.

14. always ready to lose

Always ready to lose

Always ready to lose

If you have to compete against 99 other players, it is inevitable that you will lose on the first day and on the following days. So be prepared to "lose" and don't get discouraged.

15. do not be in a hurry to play in groups, but go "solo" first.

In PUBG there are 3 main ways to play: Single player, any group, and team up with friends. If you're teaming up with friends, go for it, because it's always more fun with friends. However, if you play alone, you should play in single player mode and not automatically form a team, because if you try to "survive" alone, you'll understand the game faster than if you play with people you don't know.

16. mute chat voice

Mute chat voice

Mute chat voice

PUBG supports "voice chat" mode, but this sometimes leads to a lot of trouble because others won't stop "trash talking" or swearing. In this case, mute it by pressing Ctrl T.

17. choose a smart storage location

Choose a smart drop off location

Choose a smart drop off location

At the beginning of the game, you can choose the drop location by pressing M and selecting any location on the large island. Make a reasonable choice to be able to survive among 99 enemies. Note that in the central area (many busy houses) there is a lot of equipment to pick up (weapons, ammo), but also a lot of enemies. If you are new to the game, you should choose small villages to "land".

18. collection of objects

Pick up items

Pick up items

There are many types of items in PUBG, but let's focus on the 5 things you need to survive, namely weapons, armor (helmet, bulletproof vest), ammo, backpack and potion. The easiest way to pick up items is to press the F key. However, the faster way is to open your inventory and right-click to drag and equip items from the "Floor" menu on the left.

19. try to get to safety

Try to run to safety

Try to run to safety

When you enter the game and press M, you will see a big white circle on the map. This is the area you need to be in. As time goes by, the circle gets smaller and smaller until another blue circle appears inside it. You must stay inside the blue circle or you will be emptied to death.

20. Pharmaceuticals



Medications are items that help you heal, such as a first aid kit, first aid kit, medicine cabinet.... Bring them with you as often as possible.

21. pick up aid packages, but do not forget to look around.

Pick up relief packages

Pick up relief packages

The aid packs are dropped randomly and contain weapons with high firepower, such as AWM (sniper rifle) or Tommy Gun. Don't rush to the package right away, because if you see it, many other participants will surely see it too. Be careful when approaching the package to prevent a surprise attack. Of course, if it is near you, you should pick it up quickly and leave quickly.

II. 3 important rules for winning

1. slowly but surely

To win, you need to know the following 3 rules:

  • Observe: Don't just look ahead, move around. Press the Alt key and turn the mouse to avoid being shot in the back.
  • Run away if you have to: This is a survival game and shooting is only a small part of the game to help you survive, so if you can run, keep running. And if you like to spread bullets to your heart's content, shooting games like CS: GO, ... are a better choice.
  • Hide and wait: The best way to win in PUBG is to hide and wait until the number of enemies dwindles. Of course, because of the existence of the blue circle, nobody can stay in one place for the entire game. So hiding is an art, and you'll have to be a great artist if you want to win.

2. calm, confident, victorious

3 important rules to win

3 important rules to win

If you "hide" until there are only a few survivors, stay calm and do not rush, because then your life and victory are the easiest to take. So leave the "lost mastery" part to your enemies.

3. play free

Play it your way

Play it your way

If step 8 doesn't suit your style of play, then enjoy playing it your own way, because winning is important, but hiding and running away all day isn't fun for everyone.

Above we have summarized the ways to play PUBG PC and good tips for new players from A to Z. Hopefully the article is useful for you, don't forget to leave a comment if you have any problems. And please share the article so that everyone knows you.