Idle Mastermind Mod APK 1.28 (Money / Unlock)

Idle Mastermind Mod APK 1.28 (Money / Unlock)


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Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.28
Size 70.9 MB
Money / Unlock
Category Simulation
Developer Grumpy Rhino Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.grumpyrhinogames.idlemastermind

Description of Idle Mastermind Mod APK 1.28 (Money / Unlock)

On the market, most games are probably about heroes of unparalleled strength tasked with eradicating tyranny. The remaining few tell of the power of anti-destructive characters, and one of them is Idle Mastermind.

Idle Mastermind

This rare game about villains will tell you the truth about the life forces that the heroes have to fight. It’s surprising because they don’t have much of a difference from the good side. Is it just a one-sided thought for us who are on the good side in making this game? Nobody will be able to answer this question.

Idle Mastermind lets you do almost everything the villains have ever done. Build majestic and dark caves of course. Be sure to recruit evil villains. Making evil plans to rule the world is the goal. Even more special than heroes, monsters can do anything they want, good or bad. This will be the most authentic villain experience for you.

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Download Idle Mastermind Mod – Build a world full of villains

It’s almost like a city building game. You create a society of evil, control it, and develop it to function according to your will. Make many plans to influence the heroic power. More precisely, humanity, the main target of the villains.

Unless you have too much knowledge about evil, you will think that you are doing unnecessary work and not worth worrying about. However, things are not as simple as you think.

Everything has to work according to certain rules and laws. If you’re a villain, you must have your own rules. Especially for an important mission to conquer the world.

Build caves for demons and villains to live in. Obtaining things through various activities is not the same as people. Sometimes it is necessary to invade many important countries to gain many valuable resources.

Serves noble purposes for the minds of villains. As many battles take place against many forces, you must confront and fight them yourself to protect the interests of your species.

Although you side with the villains, what you do must also meet your own standards. Unlock more new scientific technologies, strengthen the power of evil forces.

Idle Mastermind mod free

Be a real leader

In a somewhat dark wilderness, everything will still start from scratch. In this place you create your evil civilization. Gather resources to build structures for the villains. The buildings will also be very specific and have many uses of their own.

No one will judge if you work hard to make all your cities more beautiful, right? After all, you’re still a respected leader. Depending on how you want to play, the story in Idle Mastermind will unfold in many ways. It is one of the basics when entering the world of evil. Let them grow to their fullest.

Idle Mastermind mod apk

Build a large shelter

The design of the positions in the world of Idle Mastermind is much more interesting than people. Most are underground designs with a maximum of 30 separate floors. Each floor has many different facilities and areas.

Diversity comes from science, living and own energy supply areas. You created them by earning resources on land. Afterwards, you can only see underground.

Recruit evil villains

If you want a world full of real villains, you need help. You can recruit more from among those who are fighting for your kingdom.

There are 20 or more types of warriors with many different unique powers. They decide the appropriate formation and strength for them. Along with many classes in magic and advanced science. Don’t ignore them because they are extremely important.

Idle Mastermind mod apk free

If you don't like being a hero, Idle Mastermind is a good choice. It has all the services you need, so you won't feel outdated or bored. Fight for justice in Idle Mastermind Mod.

Idle Mastermind Mod APK 1.28 (Money / Unlock) Download

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