Imposter 3D Mod APK 9.3.5 (Dumb Enemy)

Imposter 3D Mod APK 9.3.5 (Dumb Enemy)


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Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 9.3.5
Size 83.06 MB
Dumb Enemy
Category Action
Developer Snow Bat
Price Free
Google Play Link com.SnowBat.OnlineImposter3D

Description of Imposter 3D Mod APK 9.3.5 (Dumb Enemy)

The challenge to protect Space Station 12 from counterfeiters has officially begun in Imposter 3D: Online Horror. Something really wrong happened. Currently, all members of the space station are experiencing terrible events.

Become one of them to solve the problems there on the space station. But at the same time, be wary of scammer infiltration. An unidentified creature cloaked and infiltrated as a crew. You have to do all the work while avoiding the danger of impersonators. A horror game with a breathtakingly dramatic situation.

Developed and inspired by the once very popular puzzle game – Among Us. Imposter 3D: Online Horror can be called a 3D version of the original. You will still be a crew or a faker. Participate in the work in the space station.

Or try to kill all crew on board. The drama has now been taken to the highest level with realistic horror 3D graphics. Getting killed by an impostor will not be as fun and easy as the original version.

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The game rules bear a certain resemblance to the original Among Us. But of course not exactly the same. There are changes that better suit this spooky 3D version. Like hitting objects and the environment on the space station will affect the atmosphere of the game screen.

Sometimes a small mistake is enough to get brutally killed by a scammer. The goals of the two factions remained the same. The crew will conduct missions to move and work on the space station. Meanwhile, the impostor tries to infiltrate and kill the entire crew.

Due to teamwork and puzzles, the game is played by many players together. You can find a random room or set up a room with a group of friends to have more fun moments together. As you move around the space station, there will be a 3D view instead of top down as in the original. This will help players not know what is behind them. Stimulate the tension to the max as you turn your head and taste the sensation of pain mixed with shock.

Imposter 3D online horror free

Basic modes

Despite being a game that requires a lot of people, Imposter 3D: Online Horror still has modes where you can play alone and practice your problem-solving skills and bring cheaters to light.

We have 4 basic modes: PvE, PvP, Zombie and Practice. The first mode is PvE, in which a player and the computers compete against each other. The game rules are the same as in the original and your role will be randomly assigned.

Since it’s just you and the computer, it’s easy to train in this mode. PvP mode is the multiplayer mode we talked about. Zombie mode is a bit more special, as the members caught by the fake turn into zombies instead of losing their lives.

Imposter 3D online horror mod apk

Interact honestly

This is the biggest difference of this game compared to the original version. Players interact with objects just like in the real world. For safety, use a flashlight to illuminate dark areas. A rusty iron door makes a very loud noise when opened.

If you are a crew then this is a distress signal that an imposter is approaching. And if you are a fake, you will clearly identify the location of the loot, which is alone. Use the sensor to locate the villain on the space station map.

All of the above options have both advantages and disadvantages for both sides. Create balance and fight endlessly.

Imposter 3D online horror mod free

Tips for practicing and learning

You already have all the knowledge and guidance you need. Now let’s start with our first level. Being a crew member or an impostor has its own meaning. If you’re a crew, focus on following a large group of people when you know the rest are all crew members.

And if you’re a fake, you need to stay calm and look for the best opportunity to strike. When a member is killed, a debate takes place on the space station. Use all your public speaking skills to distract others’ attention. The faction that survives to the end is definitely the more skilled and luckier one.

Imposter 3D online horror

A game that requires many different elements but is equally entertaining. Imposter 3D: Online Horror inherits the spirit of Among Us and offers players a much more realistic and terrifying experience.

If you have a whole group of friends, it is also very interesting to invite them to play this game to change the atmosphere. Or even if you just play alone, Imposter 3D: Online Horror Mod can still be hit anytime and anywhere.

Imposter 3D Mod APK 9.3.5 (Dumb Enemy) Download

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