Jenny Minecraft Mod APK 7.0 (Mod Jenny)

Jenny Minecraft Mod APK 7.0 (Mod Jenny)


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Description of Jenny Minecraft Mod APK 7.0 (Mod Jenny)

Jenny mod for Minecraft PE - Jenny Minecraft Mod APK is a popular Minecraft mod that allows you to play with the world of Minecraft in a completely new way. It was created by the best-selling author and developer of this game, Jenny Holzer.

The plot is a very interesting thing in this game because of its indescribable fun. The game starts with a randomly generated city and Jenny can be anywhere, you have to try to explore and find her.

Jenny mod for Minecraft PE

Then you have to try to keep Jenny alive as long as possible, to bring her happiness. You must do everything from simply finding materials to build a shelter to finding food and water to help Jenny out of danger.

In Jenny Minecraft APK, Jenny hates squid and sticks to slime. Make sure she avoids these.

Jenny Minecraft MOD APK 1193004 Mod Jenny Latest Version

To protect Jenny, be sure to regularly check her health bar. If she is not well, please pay attention and take better care. Also, always try to gather enough resources to calm them down.

Interesting gameplay

As in the original version, the gameplay in this Android version of Jenny Minecraft is still based on the first-person perspective. You use the navigation buttons on the touchscreen to interact in the game.

The challenges in the game are considered unpredictable; you cannot know what dangers are approaching, so always be ready to prepare and fight.

There are two game modes in the latest version of Jenny Minecraft

Jenny Minecraft APK offers gamers a variety of game modes that will help you safely choose your favorite mode to enjoy the game to the fullest. What are these game modes?

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The first game mode MODAIR would like to mention is the online game mode. In this mode, you can join the game with other players, fight together and survive in this harsh survival world.

However, if you don't like bumping into other people, the flexible game Minecraft Jenny is also ready to offer you an offline mode. You can play alone, with self-motivation to survive in the game.

Graphics, sound

Graphics in the latest version of Jenny Minecraft are rated as good quality. Although of course it cannot be compared to other survival games, the world in the game still has its own unique color of Minecraft.

The vibrancy and realism in the game is something other games don’t have. The details of plants, flowers and buildings are also rearranged in a meaningful way, keeping the player’s eyes open.

Also, the game adds many different types of mobs and certain particle effects to increase the visual attractiveness.

1670739549_397_Jenny Minecraft MOD APK 1193004 Mod Jenny Latest Version

Jenny's Minecraft MODAIR brings a sound with many nuances of its own. No noise, rush, or stress in battles like in other survival games. The sound in Jenny's Minecraft APK brings players to a world of serenity, lightness, where you can feel a peaceful picture.

What does this mod have?

The latest version of Jenny Minecraft has the following features

  • Customizable Gameplay: Gameplay in the game may change based on your choices. You can increase or decrease the difficulty of the game. And besides, there are many things you can do in the game such as: B. Decorating Jenny’s house more attractively, buying gifts and flowers for her fun, more you should find out and discover by yourself!
  • Massive Furniture: A furniture widget lets you place different furniture in Jenny’s house. Try rearranging the furniture to make the house neat, comfortable and livable.
  • Multilingual: The publisher of the latest version of Jenny Minecraft has tried to please fans around the world by adding multiple languages ​​to the game. You can enjoy the game in your desired language.
1670739549_764_Jenny Minecraft MOD APK 1193004 Mod Jenny Latest Version
  • Friendly Interface: The interface in Jenny Minecraft Online is very intuitive and easy to understand. Even if you’re a newbie, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting through the tutorials and navigation to the game.
  • No Ads: No ads will appear in Jenny's Minecraft APK, so you can enjoy the game without having to think about the ads that will appear and interrupt.

About the features in Jenny's Minecraft APK, you will get

  • Infinite Health: You will never run out of health bars.
  • Unlimited Resources: The resources in Jenny's Minecraft MOD are limitless; feel free to build whatever you want.
  • Unlimited Money: Never run out of money, buy what you need.
  • Jenny Minecraft Mod APK lets you survive without food.
1670739550_534_Jenny Minecraft MOD APK 1193004 Mod Jenny Latest Version


Are you excited for a world where you can do anything with a friend? This world has its own color and character and differs from what we know only in Jenny Minecraft Mod APK. Download Jenny Minecraft mod APK from MODAIR to discover endless interesting things.

Jenny Minecraft Mod APK 7.0 (Mod Jenny) Download

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