League of Legends without installing

04/02/2023 - By Ronny

League of Legends is called LOL or League by fans. Riot Games released the game for Windows in 2009. It is one of the most successful MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games.

The game is not released in some countries, like Bangladesh. Hopefully next year. I have already played the game in several countries.

Today we will try it out.

A guide to play without installing.

A VPN will be required to install the game and open the account. Once account opening is completed, the VPN has no further functionality. No VPN is needed to play the game.

Your phone must have at least 2GB of RAM to play the game. If your processor is low, the game will run smoothly or lag.

A note for low-end phone users

I installed it on a year-and-a-half-old iTel Vision 1 phone with 2GB RAM, UniSoC SC9863A (28 nm) chipset and Octa-core, 1.6 GHz processor.
While playing it on my phone I got lag in total 3 places-

  1. The login page and lobby take a long time when the game is opened.
  2. The lobby waits for animations after a match starts. You can't turn this off.
  3. The match ends and it takes too long to load the result page.

The batch is a group of games. I didn't experience any lag while playing the game. My game starts late, but doesn't lag. And this phone is only 6 thousand, in such a heavy game that it did not lag in Battlefield, that is a lot. So, if your phone is even a little bit better than mine, you won't be upset about anything in the game.

I didn't talk about the graphics because my game has better graphics than other MOBA games. If you play LOL after playing my game, you'll think it's better. Even on my low-end device, the graphics and outlines were very commendable at moderate FPS. But I think the graphics of Onmyoji Arena game has the potential to beat the graphics of this game. Because its artwork and graphics details are much better.

Download the League of Legends

Size: Complete game size with install size and data download is about 7GB (6860MB)

Link: Play Store

First, log into any VPN and select US.

League of Legends1

Once connectedhereDownload and install the game from

League of Legends2

See, I turned off the VPN while the download started. That way, the download speed would be faster.

League of Legends3

Some more data will download after entering the game.

League of Legends4

Wait while it downloads.

League of Legends5

Once the download is complete, exit and enter the VPN and select the US server again.


After connecting, re-enter the game. Follow the screenshot below for the login page.

League of Legends7
League of Legends8
League of Legends9

Now turn off the VPN.


Screenshot_20220920_170642 (1)

All your work is done. Now get into the game without VPN and keep playing.




The game won't be released in some countries, like Bangladesh. If it's released in Bangladesh, you won't be able to change servers. So I suggest opening an ID with another account.