Monster Legends Mod APK 15.0.4 (Menu/High Damage/God Mode)

Monster Legends Mod APK 15.0.4 (Menu/High Damage/God Mode)


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Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 15.0.4
Size 108.13 MB
Menu/High Damage/God Mode
Category Strategy
Developer Social Point
Price Free
Google Play Link es.socialpoint.MonsterLegends

Description of Monster Legends Mod APK 15.0.4 (Menu/High Damage/God Mode)

When you come to Monster Legends mod APK everyone will enter a whole new world, an island with monsters ranging from cute and funny to wild and aggressive, waiting for you to tame.

This is also the main task of the player when entering the game. You have to take care of them, tame them, breed them and improve them to be able to control them to conquer many new lands and expand your island.

In particular, the combat actions in the game are not too complicated, along with the turn-based combat gameplay that the player will take turns depending on the speed of the monster they have.

As each monster attacks, you must come up with your own goals and abilities to fight. Normally only a maximum of 3 of your monsters take part in each battle.

In fact, many people want to use these skills in other games such as: League of Legends, Clash Royale, Lords Mobile.

Explore the paradise island in Monster Legends mod APK

Upon entering the game, each player goes to a beautiful paradise island with many different buildings where you can build and improve many other buildings such as food farms, temples, elemental systems, monster cages… Each building will have its own functions and will be useful for raising your monsters.

The breeder and the incubator are the two most important works in the game. Because this is the place to breed your own beasts. A special feature of playing Monster Legends Modair is that you can create a new species with just any 2 monsters.

Monster Legends and Monster Legends mod APK offline

A distinctive feature of playing the latest version of Monster Legends APK is that the system of monsters is divided into many different types that players can easily choose and breed according to their preferences.

Also, you can buy eggs entirely from the store to hatch and breed your own unique monsters.

At the same time, the monsters in the game have many unique attribute systems, so you need to know their characteristics in order to counter each other.

This helps the player in the battle process select and specify the monster lineup accordingly.

In addition, the monsters in Monster Legends APK free all have their own stats such as health, strength, speed or mana to use for skills. Of course, they will all have their own abilities, and mature monsters will usually carry a maximum of 4 abilities in 1 match. Not to mention that players can fully upgrade and use the items they own to better increase the power of their monsters.

Game mode when downloading Monster Legends APK for Android

In the Monster Legends APK game, there are 4 modes that players can experience:

– Pass Mode: This is the easiest mode with more than 400 doors and they are updated regularly. The player’s task is to overcome these gates; these are considered as adventures to different islands, but there the player must also face the monsters living there.

Of course, at this stage the player must compare the strength of their monsters with other monsters to continue the journey.

– Multiplayer mode: Multiplayer mode played against each other, whoever wins gets a higher number of points to improve their rank, if they lose, they also get points deducted and downgraded.

Specifically, the in-game ranks are arranged as follows: Newcomer, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Champion, Legendary, and Legendary Leader.

– Live Duels mode: when the player reaches level 20, this mode will open.

Here you don’t have to worry about whether the monster you own is strong or not; instead the system gives you 3 random choices for your squad and you have to arrange and coordinate that they are as effective against other players.

– Dungeons mode: if you pass 10th level in pass mode, dungeons mode will open, here, there are clone battles to help players get attractive gifts when passing is waiting for you. .

Dungeons Mode opens when the player passes the 10th level of Clearing Mode. Is a kind of clone battle where players can get extremely good gifts if they pass.

Download Monster Legends APK mod now for free

Monster Legends mod APK is a completely unique strategy game with new gameplay of deciding the enemy or choosing skills for the monster that promises to bring dramatic and interesting games.

So if you want to explore the new genre of monster games, download Monster Legends APK now to experience the best fighting moments.

Monster Legends Mod APK 15.0.4 (Menu/High Damage/God Mode) Download

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