Monument Valley 2 APK 3.3.492 (No Mod)

Monument Valley 2 APK 3.3.492 (No Mod)


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Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 3.3.492
Size 291.5 MB
No Mod
Category Puzzle
Developer ustwo games
Price ₫86,000
Google Play Link com.ustwo.monumentvalley2

Description of Monument Valley 2 APK 3.3.492 (No Mod)

Monument Valley 2 is the place where you'll experience the most robust and emotional adventures. A world that is completely made up of different geometries. Experience a story with depth and so many different possible developments. Complete the most difficult stages to find a new life. The mystery of the world is waiting for you to learn to expand your knowledge. Interesting puzzles will quickly expand your mind.

Monument Valley 2 is the next version released after the success of Monument Valley. A world of 3D geometry is built, but brings attraction. It is light and does not put pressure on it, earning very high ratings. The smooth gameplay significantly optimizes the experience. The story is filled with the developer's hidden meaning and purpose for the world. Let's see how far it takes us now.

Download Monument Valley 2 Mod - Travel through the strange world.

The story begins with a mysterious mother and daughter who have a desire to see every corner of the world. To achieve this momentous goal, they need your help. Steer them on the roads full of obstacles. Solve the given puzzles and help them reach their destination safely. These puzzles also require a thorough understanding to solve difficulties. Everything will be easy to difficult for you to get used to. The more you play, the more secrets you'll discover in this adventure. Architecture is the key to facilitate walking.

It would be best if you interact with everything to open the way for mother and child. It can lead to buildings being redesigned accordingly. They will automatically walk once they are gone until they get stuck in the next process. Each time you reach the goal, you are considered to have completed that level.

New story

Monument Valley 2 was created by the development team with a unique story. Has nothing to do with the previous version. But it still keeps the captivating narrative with images and actions instead of words. It will focus specifically on the two activities of the player, seeing and hearing, to create comfort. While playing, you can watch the exciting developments at the same time. Just play, you will feel like relaxing. Soft and mysterious music in a meditative style will help reveal all human possibilities. A way to tell a story that no game can.

Challenging puzzles

The puzzles are built in a style that focuses entirely on the work. It will be minimalist in both the background and the character's path. There is nothing too annoying and reduces the potential for distraction for players. You'll be able to watch your steps more easily. Think quickly and calculate strategies to help the character keep going. If you make a mistake, you can repeat it completely without fear of punishment. The levels are designed in different ways, so you'll never feel duplicated or monotonous. The latter all the more complex and exciting than before.

Unique construction style

While playing, players will feel a construction style that brings a lot of sophistication. It resembles the textures that are used in the fabrics. Confucianism is just that. Ancient art movements and personal influences are also included here. Create a world of architectural colors from classic to modern. It encourages creativity and breakthroughs for players in the puzzle process. You will never feel the interest in geometry so much. Rotate, invert or foreshorten views you've never seen before. It's like taking your imagination to a whole new level.

Great music

For Monument Valley 2, music is an essential part of its success. It's full of smooth, pure sound elements that don't cause any discomfort. It's like meditative music that puts you in a feeling of relaxation. Each game screen has a new sound change than before. Along with this comes the change of the environment on certain levels that you are about to go to. It's impossible to predict what the following challenges will be. But you'll be able to continuously adapt and conquer the Monument Valley 2 mod if you try.

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