MX Player Mod APK 1.61.5 (Unlocked)

MX Player Mod APK 1.61.5 (Unlocked)


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Description of MX Player Mod APK 1.61.5 (Unlocked)

MX Player is one of the best Android players for TV shows, movies, and more. It is a media player app developed by MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive). MX Player lets users play videos and audio files from local storage as well as stream media from various online services like YouTube, Netflix, and Pandora. Apart from playing video, mx player can also be used to record, manage interactive, and play music files. If you are looking for an app to play video formats including MKV, MP4, AVI, and more, then mx player is the app for you. Read the entire article to learn about the MX Player APK's features and to get a free copy of the pro version.

MX Media & Entertainment is a media software company founded in 2004 by David Cohen. In addition to developing MX Player, the company also operates MX Player Pro, an Android media player app that supports subtitle and audio playback of various formats. Originally developed as a video player for use on Android-powered devices such as phones and tablets, MX Player Pro has since been ported to other OS platforms like Windows 10 Mobile and MacOS.

What is MX Player Pro APK?

Watching television shows and movies on the go has never been easier than with MX Player Pro. This powerful player can play movies and more with ease. MX Player Pro also comes with subtitle support for watching overseas TV shows in their original language. Plus, it has support for many different formats and codecs, so you can enjoy your content the way it was meant to be seen. If you're looking for an Android player that's perfect for watching television shows and movies, then MX Player Pro is the one for you!

With MX Player Pro Mod APK, you can stream your favorite entertainment content on Android. It is the best media player for Android in 2017 and one of the most downloaded media players on the Google Play Store too, with more than 50 million downloads to date! With this custom-built app, it’s easier than ever to turn your Android devices into a powerful home theater device for watching movies or listening to music anywhere, anytime! with its unique user interface that you are sure not to see anywhere else.

Features of MX Player Pro APK

MX Player is the essential media player for media lovers on Android. It has a wide variety of features that make it perfect for watching television, movies, and more. MX Player is free to download and use, making it perfect for people who want a quality media experience on their mobile device. In addition to subtitle support, MX Player also includes support for DVR recordings and media playback in a variety of languages. What's more, this is compatible with both devices running Android 4 or newer and tablets running Android 3 or newer. With so many great features and a free download, MX Player is a player you don't want to miss!


Subtitle App is the ideal video player for watching foreign language TV shows and movies. Its subtitle feature helps you to understand the dialogue without any trouble, making it perfect for when you're trying to watch something with subtitles that you don't understand. You can also use it to translate subtitles on your own or share them with others, making it a great way to connect with friends and family who also enjoy foreign films and dramas. As the MX Player app is free to download and use, there's no reason not to give it a try! Subtitle tracks in dvd, dvb, or ssa/ass formats. Full styling for sub-station alpha (ASS, SRT,TXT, SSI...).

Floating Play (PiP Mode)

MX Player allows you to watch videos in a floating window, much like how video is played on websites. This can be helpful when you want to keep an eye on multiple videos at the same time. When playback is finished, simply dismiss the floating window and return to your other apps.

DVR Support

Because the MX player supports DVR recordings, you can easily pause and resume media playback.MX Player also supports seamless transitions between live and recorded television programs, making it simple to change between various programs without any downtime.

Free to use

MX Player is a free app that lets you watch television programs, films, and more. It has a large feature set that allows it to perform most tasks with ease. Subtitle support and audio tracks are among the features.

Easy to use

MX Player is an Android player that is perfect for busy users who want to enjoy their favorite TV shows, movies, and more. It has a wide range of features that make it ideal for both casual and professional users. There are various ways to customize the player to make it just the way you like it, from changing the theme to adding your own media files. Plus, MX Player is free of charge, so there's no excuse not to give it a try! Additionally, Zoom includes support for subtitle formats, including SRT and SUB files. Finally, player zoom offers a variety of customization options, including the ability to control video quality (HD or SD), stereo-captioning settings, and user interface enhancements such as gesture control.

Hardware accelerated

If you're looking for a player that can comfortably play high-definition videos with great sound quality, then the Portable DVD Player is definitely worth considering. This video player is portable, so you can take it wherever you go, and it supports a variety of video formats, including MKV, AVI, MOV, and more. It's also easy to add subtitles to your videos to make them easier to watch.

Hardware acceleration is a technique that allows video hardware such as graphics cards to process and render video sequences at high speeds, which can result in smoother playback and increased performance.

Can be quite slow if using the wrong decoder

With support for a wide range of media files, it's perfect for users who want to watch their favorite movies without any problems. However, if you're using this player with unsupported video formats, then performance can be quite slow.

This is a video player app for Android that supports the decoding of multi-core video streams. APK also has an integrated media store where you can download videos and music from the Google Play Store and other app stores.

Best video player APK

MX Player is the best video player for Android, as it offers a wide variety of features that make watching videos an enjoyable experience. From its subtitle support to the ability to play videos right from your app drawer, MX Player has everything you need in order to enjoy your media content.

Many different languages are supported

MX Player is a player that offers support for many different languages. This makes it easy to watch your favorite shows and movies, no matter what language you are speaking. Additionally, the MX Player app can be used to stream content from websites, making it one of the most versatile players on the market! Plus, its lightweight nature means you can run it on any device without compromising performance or quality.

Folders and files should be hidden

If you want to keep your video-watching experience private, then hiding files and folders is the perfect way to do it. With the video player, you can easily hide files and folders so that they are only visible when needed. This makes it easy to share videos with friends without revealing sensitive information or media files.

Online Content Available

One of the great features of MX Player is that it offers seamless online streaming. This means you can watch your favorite shows and movies without having to download any additional software. Simply open the app, select a video, and enjoy!

It offers a wide range of features that make watching videos an enjoyable experience. Plus, its lightweight nature ensures that it will not affect your device's performance or battery life.

Is MX Player a free app?

If you're an avid movie or TV show watcher, you'll love MX Player, the best player for that purpose. MX Player is a free app, but it has some features that require in-app purchases. For example, you can use the app to fast-forward or rewind TV shows and movies. It's also compatible with a variety of devices, so you can use it on your desktop computer or phone. If you have any questions about using the app, the MX Player team is available 24/7 to help!

How do I install MX Player on Android?

Users have great player options when it comes to watching TV shows, movies, and more. One of the best players on the market is MX Player. It has a wide range of features and capabilities, so it's perfect for any type of user. In this guide, we'll show you how to install MX Player. Once installed, you can start streaming your favorite content right away without any trouble at all!

How do I use MX Player for watching videos and movies?

MX Player is great for watching videos and movies. It has a variety of features, like support for popular streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. You can also add subtitles to your videos so they're easier to watch. MX Player also allows you to download content directly to the app so you can watch it later when you're not connected to the internet!So, whether you're looking for a player for watching TV shows and movies or just want to download videos and movies for offline viewing, MX Player is the perfect app for you!

How do I download MX Player Pro APK for free?

MX Player is one of the best players for watching TV shows, movies, and more. It's free to download and use, so you can start enjoying your favorite content right away. MX Player offers a variety of features to make watching content easy and fun. If you're looking for an advanced player that's also free to use, MX Player is a great choice!

Tips and tricks for using

MX Player is a great player for watching TV shows and movies on your device. It offers many features like subtitles, audio tracks, and DVR recording. You can also use MX Player to play games or listen to music offline. If you have an HDTV, MX Player is a good option for streaming content in 1080p resolution. It is free and can be downloaded from So, what are you waiting for? Download MX Player today and start watching your favorite TV shows and movies in high quality!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MX Player Mod APK, and why is it good for you?

MX Player apk is an Android app that is specifically designed for watching TV shows, movies, and other videos. It offers a great user interface with seamless transitions between different scenes and supports a wide range of file types. Additionally, MX Player allows you to control playback using gestures, making it easy to pause, play, change tracks, or adjust the volume without having to touch the screen.

Is there a better alternative to MX Player APK for playing music?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as everyone's needs and preferences will vary. However, below are three media players that may be better alternatives to MX Player for music playback on Android devices:

  • 1. VLC Media Player: With over 2 million downloads, VLC Media Player is a great player overall and can be used for playing video and audio files. It works with many different codecs and resolutions, so it can be used for many different things.
  • 2. MPlayer 2: MPlayer 2 is a very robust player that can handle most media formats with ease. It has a lot of features like subtitle support, multiple video tracks, and more.
  • 3. KMPlayer: KMPlayer is known for being fast and media-rich. It offers support for a wide variety of files and codecs, along with various customization options.

Where can I find an MX Player Pro Mod APK?

You can download the MX Player Pro Mod APK from, Google Play, or the App Store. The MX Player Mod APK will help you improve video quality for watching TV shows, movies, and more on your Android.

The pro version has no ads.

Features of the MX Player Mod APK:

Enhanced video quality for watching movies and other videos

- Improved media playback experience with more file types and codecs supported.

- No advertisements.

- No need to root

Is the MX Player Mod APK safe to install?

Yes, MX Player is absolutely safe to install. MX Player is an Android player that has a wide range of features for watching TV shows, movies, and more. It has a user-friendly interface and doesn't require any special permissions or configurations. Additionally, it is free to download and use.


MX Player is one of the best Android players for watching videos and movies. It has a user-friendly interface and is highly compatible with a wide range of devices. In this blog, we have covered all the important details about MX Player, from its features to how to use it for the best results. So, if you're looking for an Android player that can handle your media needs, download MX Player today!

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