Narcos: Cartel Wars APK 1.45.06 (Official)

Narcos: Cartel Wars APK 1.45.06 (Official)


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Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.45.06
Size 121.29 MB
Category Strategy
Developer Tilting Point
Price Free
Google Play Link com.ftxgames.narcos

Description of Narcos: Cartel Wars APK 1.45.06 (Official)

The mission to destroy the criminal gang is now assigned to you!! Build your own empire to investigate and defeat criminal gangs around the world. In the fascinating strategy game Narcos: Cartel Wars.

Narcos: Cartel Wars & Strategy

Crime is everywhere in the world. With the crime of trafficking and manufacturing of drugs in big places. Run by a notorious crime boss. With honor and resources in hand, you build empires with military weapons. Destroy enemy bases and locations step by step. Bring peace and justice to the world.

We bring you a story about the journey to destroy the terrorist boss El Patron of 2 FBI agents Murphy and Pena. In this dangerous mission. You must build bases and armed armies.

Based on the resources earned for developing the squad. Make a direct attack on the enemy’s caves. Hear the horror stories of crime and drug trafficking in the underworld.

Download Narcos: Cartel Wars – Destroy Terrorist Criminals

You take on the role of the godfather of an organization that specializes in investigating and investigating underground crimes. Owns many military facilities and areas. The main goal is to increase your control.

Suppress and threaten all other gangs with violence and killing. Here you will be deployed to gather resources and construct engineering works. Train soldiers and agents, equip them with the necessary skills and weapons. Then there is the task of solving crimes. You will take control of everything in your own world.

The main factories will be manufacturing facilities, laboratories, factories… They will be used to exchange goods for profit. Produce combat weapons in abundance. You will be self-sufficient and use everything you will make. Part of this is making sure the information is not disclosed. Next, it’s easy to resupply allies on the same line as you. Then she should provide everything necessary so that the troops are ready for battle at any time.

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Hire assassins and train minions

The assassins always hide and silently destroy the enemy. They are the most powerful warriors money can hire to fight. Each warrior gains silver based on different levels of strength. Also, you must also train your soldiers.

Equip them with the necessary technology and the most advanced weaponry. Narcos: Cartel Wars also has military items and vehicles, just like a war army. Use smart and skillful assassins to take the lead. Also, lead the Legion to multiple victories over the enemy for additional rewards.

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Defend and increase profits

The defense towers really have a certain effect. If they cause great damage to the enemy in your absence. You won’t worry about your resources being robbed when you’re fully equipped with guns, cannons, and more.

Set them up in a formation on the outer edge of your territory for total security. Also, you can use the space inside to create long-term transnational trade lines. To earn more good resources and lots of money. Just work hard to update your location daily so you don’t have to worry about resources being stolen from you.

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Form strong alliances

If you have friends who play Narcos: Cartel Wars. Making friends means forming an alliance with them. You and your allies trade items earned around the world or craft your own. Now raids to destroy enemy lines will no longer be difficult.

If we have other alliances going with us. Absolute loyalty guaranteed because they are your friends. Surely the people in their gangs will help each other more. Let’s have fun together and destroy everything the enemy has.

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Because Narcos: Cartel Wars mainly aims at elements like crime and smuggling. It is recommended that minors do not play this game to be vulnerable to cognitive effects.

This is just a form of passing entertainment. It is not intended to encourage illegal activity or support crime. Play the game in a fun way and don’t meddle in everything in life. Build your most notorious gang with the Narcos: Cartel Wars mod.

Narcos: Cartel Wars APK 1.45.06 (Official) Download

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