Phigros Mod APK (Free shopping/Unlocked some songs)

Phigros Mod APK (Free shopping/Unlocked some songs)


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Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 72.28 MB
Free shopping/Unlocked some songs
Category Music
Developer PigeonGames
Price Free
Google Play Link com.PigeonGames.Phigros

Description of Phigros Mod APK (Free shopping/Unlocked some songs)

Rhythmic music games always create a strange and attractive appeal. Although some of them do not have beautiful or shimmering graphics. But has a great plot and perfect music. For example, Phigros, you will probably rarely hear this name. But if you just play through it, you will feel its familiarity. Take the style of a classic rhythm game. Then interweave many new elements to become different. But what makes a simple musical game so popular?
Basically, Phigros is a game about pure rhythm and music. Although there are many changes that correspond to the current game context. But that's not the main factor that makes it stand out so much. Mainly in the gameplay and its already famous plot. However, I will only briefly talk about the background story of Phigros. The rest is all you can experience normally.

Download Phigros mod - Dive into the world of multi-genre music

A journey in a novel

You can choose from the story mode. Or you can play any song you like. If you play by story, you'll have to complete the songs included in your journey. Each time you finish a lesson, the storyline opens new branches and different details. Sometimes there is a big event and a small one. Also, the songs will gradually increase in availability. You need to stick to the plot to feel the importance and role of these characters. Discovering Phigros is like discovering a book that has never been read.

Explore a live music library

Every music game is sure to have a treasure trove of songs. And of course, Phigros is no exception. Own several hundreds to thousands of different songs. Variety of genres and styles. From instrumental, classical, EDM, country or indie music, it's all there. Generally with such a list of degrees. Not as confusing as all ages can play. Everyone can enjoy the music they like in this game that seems to be for young people. All songs have different difficulty levels. Challenge everyone in their speed of play.

Illustration and liquid manipulation

Based on the song and genre, behind each level is a background with the main theme of that song. Although it only contributes to the difference, it is enough to make a difference. Besides, the operations of each item are not the same. From the way the musical notes move to the unexpected place they are placed. You'll probably have to play in portrait mode. Or in the tilted and continuously rotated state of the screen. Distract and adjust the melody of the song. Also one of the difficulty levels that players can challenge whenever they feel up to it.

With all the necessary elements of a music game. Combined with many other attractive and tempting things. Phigros is worth trying anytime. If you want to enjoy music in an unusual and more creative way. Instead of just sitting still and listening to music. You will participate and make your own music. Download Phigros mod and experience the most captivating unique music style.

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