Pocket Ants Mod APK 0.0800 (Unlimited Coins and Money)

Pocket Ants Mod APK 0.0800 (Unlimited Coins and Money)


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Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 0.0800
Size 101 MB
Unlimited Coins and Money
Category Strategy
Developer Ariel-Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.ariel.zanyants

Description of Pocket Ants Mod APK 0.0800 (Unlimited Coins and Money)

If you’re like most people who use cell phones today, you’re probably looking for apps and games to help you kill time on the bus, in line, or even during your lunch break during your workday.

Obviously there are many possibilities, but not all of them surprise us. At least not positively. However, there is one game that is gaining popularity very quickly and there are many reasons for that: this pocket ants.

If you didn’t already know, it’s time to learn more about this extremely addictive craze that doesn’t stop gaining new downloads every day. Ready?

Let’s start with the game proposal, the challenge and what you can and should do during this new adventure.

Pocket Ants game suggestion

The game was developed with the proposition of putting the player in the shoes of an ant fighting everyday challenges with its anthill. So, as you can imagine, there is a lot to do to survive.

The player controls a worker and as such must serve and protect the queen ant from various threats. Spiders, other colonies, finding resources and especially food are some of the tasks your ant will have to do. But the list is long:

  • Gather resources for your anthill;
  • Upgrade your anthill chambers and unlock bonuses;
  • Feed your queen ant and raise worker ants;
  • Defeat and capture other creatures;
  • Collect all creatures and make them stronger;
  • Raid other players’ colonies for resources and bonus items;
  • Defeat the Red Ant Colony every day to get additional items;

As in real life, every day is flooded with new battles, hardships, adventures, which guarantees the game a unique experience that will not get boring. But just a good idea doesn’t make a game good. They must be skilled in gameplay, have good graphics and sounds, and enrich the players’ journey as much as possible.

Once again, Pocket Ants is brilliant at what it claims to be, as we’ll detail below.

Why is Pocket Ants so good?

Firstly, of course, because it involves an under-explored concept but very curious to most of us, which is controlling an animal. By the way, in this case a creature that is very well known and admired by us, the ant.

But above all because it can be played online with other players and it delivers quality in all the important aspects for a game to be successful in the market, as we shall see.

Playing style

The game is very fluid and takes place in a flat view of a map where you have to move to conquer missions and survive both as an ant and as a colony, protecting the queen.

The commands are quite simple and intuitive, as are the interactions and movements between all the elements of Pocket Ants, guaranteeing the user to focus their energies only on playing and having fun.

All stats, resources and real-time data about your situation, that of your army and your queen are easily accessible with one tap throughout the game, without getting in the way of what is actually happening during the game.


The graphics of Pocket Ants are also very lively, full of animations and quite rich, so that you can identify with the game even more. In addition, they are created in a way that optimizes the experience without being heavy, which increases the fluidity and works together with the gameplay.

The variety of well-built creatures as well as the mazes of the anthills have been carefully designed to find the perfect balance between friendly and beautiful graphics with a fluid and intuitive gameplay.


The life of a worker ant is very dynamic, with constantly changing situations and quick changes of scene. An example of this is when you are looking for food and are suddenly attacked by an enemy colony.

The game’s soundtrack ensures that all of these scenarios become even more overwhelming with drastic but timely changes in tone and rhythm. It’s really a commendable addition, especially for a mobile game.

You will surely be immersed in adrenaline-pumping moments, for example, when you fight other insects such as tarantulas, or when you realize that your colony is being invaded by another player.

Now it’s time to find out what it takes to play this adventure.

Specifications of Pocket Ants APK Latest Version

Pocket Ants APK Mod runs in the Android environment in versions 4.4 or higher. It already has over a million downloads and a score of 4.1 out of 5 on the official Google Store.

The size of the application is only 25 MB, but it constantly receives updates that can increase this number, but with many new options for entertainment and challenges. Finally, there is the option to make in-game purchases to further enhance your adventure.

Get Pocket Ants APK Mod free download now and begin your struggle for the survival and prosperity of your colony!

Pocket Ants Mod APK 0.0800 (Unlimited Coins and Money) Download

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