Lumii Mod APK 1.551.124 (Unlocked Pro)

Lumii Mod APK 1.551.124 (Unlocked Pro)


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Descrição de Lumii Mod APK 1.551.124 (Unlocked Pro)

Lumii Photo Editor MOD APK is considered a simple, easy-to-use photo editing application that produces an excellent product that is in no way inferior to any professional application. With Lumii Photo, you can confidently post photos to social media without fear of color loss.

Own a beautiful photo with thousands of likes with Lumii Photo Editor

Lumii Photo Editor has diverse and beautiful color effects

With the development of technology, it has been a long time since a person confidently posted a photo of their naked face online without using a photo editing app. It can be said that except for those who possess beautiful natural beauty, no girl or boy can resist the attraction of photo editing programs, especially Lumii by InShot Inc.

Lumii Photo Editor poster1

Lumii Photo Editor application has hundreds of unique color filters. You can experiment with each of the filters to get the best shot. It does not require sophisticated manipulations like Photoshop; a single touch is enough to change the look of the photo, making it more shiny and eye-catching. 

The filters are divided into specific categories like INS, elegant, classic, film, etc., making it easy to find the right filter for your photo.

Lumii Photo Editor poster2

Lumii Photo Editor has professional photo editing tools

With the professional editing tools built into the Lumii application, you can easily edit photos: brightness, contrast, warmth, shadows, sharpness, exposure, ... Very easy. All you have to do is select the editing tool you want and pull the lever until the image is what you want.

Lumii Photo Editor poster4

Create unique collages with Lumii Photo Editor

You can create many excellent collages with the Lumii application. With the many demos available on the Google Play Store, you can create cool and unique photos to keep as keepsakes.

Lumii Photo Editor poster3

A custom photo with a unique background image

Another cool feature of the Lumii app is the ability to change the wallpaper. You can choose backgrounds like book pages or magazine covers, or any field to make your photos more fashion and trendy.

Lumii Photo Editor poster5

Spice up photos with text or stickers

With the function to put text or stickers on photos, you can get a very personal photo. The application has multiple fonts that you can choose from. You can write whatever you want and then paste it. All you have to do is adjust the font size and position so that the photo results in the most harmonious composition possible. Or you want a funny photo or want to hide a blemish that makes you dissatisfied, then stickers are the right choice for you.

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Download Lumii Photo Editor mod APK for Android

With all the great features as above, Lumii Photo Editor will help you become a professional photo editing expert. You are ready to discover endless fun all the time while using this app. 

Lumii will help you edit photos with filters, various effects and powerful photo editing tools to show off to your friends on social networks. Are you ready to download the Lumii Photo Editor application and try it right away? Leave your review of the app right below.

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