Music Speed Changer Mod APK 10.6.3-pl (Paid Features Unlocked)

Music Speed Changer Mod APK 10.6.3-pl (Paid Features Unlocked)


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Descrição de Music Speed Changer Mod APK 10.6.3-pl (Paid Features Unlocked)

Music Speed ​​Changer is an app that lets you change the music speed, slow down or fast forward songs and tracks.

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You can also repeat the audio clip or change the pitch to make the song's voice sound different. This app is fun, so users will enjoy it.

Music Speed ​​Changer App Information

  • Platform: Android 4.4 and above
  • Size: Android ~11MB
  • Application Type: Tools
  • Publisher: Single Minded Productions, LLC

7 main advantages of Music Speed ​​Changer application

Change the song speed, fast-forward, or slow sound from your phone's music store.

You can connect to your phone's music store, select your favorite song, and change the speed to fast forward or slow down the sound to help you create a unique and interesting new music.

Adjust the pitch to help the sound, either raising or lowering the voice tone.

With the features and effective tools the application provides, you can completely adjust the pitch to help the sound go up or down, even transform the female voice into a male voice. Too interesting, isn't it?

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AB allows you to loop audio tracks continuously.

With great pieces of music, you can completely emphasize them with the AB repeater player, which repeats the audio track continuously. This brings excitement and freshness to the song.

AB repeat player

Play music backwards to create interesting sounds.

If reverse videos always create interest and curiosity for viewers, so do songs. Think of your favorite familiar songs if they were played in reverse. It's interesting just imagining it, isn't it?

Play music backwards


The Equalizer, preamplifier and equalizer level controls make it sound better.

The application also provides users with an equalizer, pre-amplifier, and equalizer level control to make the sound sound better.

Music Speed Changer screen

The recording feature lets you create your own sound and edit it to your liking.

In addition to editing or enjoying familiar songs, performed by your favorite singers, you can completely record your own vocals and customize them to create your own music.

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Save or share songs and audio easily.

Music is always something that easily touches everyone's mood and emotions. Save songs to your phone or share your favorite songs edited, making your own songs appear to everyone. Everyone will be amazed for sure.

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Music Speed Changer is a completely free music and audio speed adjustment application. With a convenient interface that makes it easy for users to change the speed, pitch and save the music, share it with everyone quickly and easily.
Use the application, edit and create new and interesting music right away! Don't forget to leave your comments below to share with everyone!

Baixat Music Speed Changer Mod APK 10.6.3-pl (Paid Features Unlocked)

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