StoryArt Mod APK 3.7.5 (Unlocked)

StoryArt Mod APK 3.7.5 (Unlocked)


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Descrição de StoryArt Mod APK 3.7.5 (Unlocked)

StoryArt is an image editing application with a simple, but beautiful interface design. It offers users more than 2000 designs of all sizes, 60 unique color filters, and more. Let's learn more about the app.

StoryArt is an Instagram story and image editing application

  • Platform: Android 4.0 and above.
  • Size: Android ~23MB.
  • Application type: Capture and picture
  • Publisher: ryzenrise

5 main features of the StoryArt app

More than 2000 designs available in all sizes

With StoryArt, you no longer have to worry about how to edit photos to be eye-catching and unique. The application has provided you with more than 2000 designs of all themes and sizes to help you unleash your image creativity.

2000 designs

More than 60 unique color filters, like film, retro, minimalism, and polaroid.

The application has a great color store with 60+ filters. You can choose from popular to popular colors. This makes your photos unique and personal.

60 color filters

Professional image editing tools such as brightness and contrast

Of course, you cannot skip steps such as lightening the skin, removing shadows, adjusting brightness, or contrast. and so on. Using the StoryArt app, you will be fully supported with editing tools. Professional photos, completely free without the need to use any other applications.

Editing Toolkit

You can add more than 20 fonts to your photos and customize the colors.

The application supports tools that allow you to add text and customize colors according to your preferences. With more than 20 fonts in the mail and a variety of font colors, it's now easier to create interesting, amazing photos.

More than 20 fonts

Save your photos to your phone or share them on Instagram, Snapchat, and social networks.

Download edited photos to your phone for free. You can also share your favorite photos on Instagram, Snapchat, and many other social platforms. It's easy and convenient.

Save quality photos

StoryArt is a great app for creating beautiful stories with images. With an eye-catching interface design and professional editing tools and features, do not hesitate to download the StoryArt app right away. And don't forget to share this awesome app with your friends!


    • Over 2000 designs are available in different sizes.
    • More than 60 different color filters, such as film, retro, minimalism, polaroid, and more...
    • The professional image editing toolset is brightness, contrast, and more.
    • There are more than 20 fonts to add to photos and customize colors.
    • Save your best photos to your phone or share them on Instagram, Snapchat, and social networks.

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