Quick Review of Dream League Soccer 2022 APK for Android

04/02/2023 - By Ronny

Enjoy DLS with revamped look and features

The Dream League Soccer game series has made its mark among sports game fans. Every newly released version of this game collects thousands of downloads. And now, once again, they come out with a new look and brand new features in the form of Dream League Soccer 2020 .

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Here you will enjoy building and growing your dream football team from over 3,500 FIFPro™ licensed players . With full 3D motion capture of player movements, in-game commentary, team customization, new animations and improved AI, DSL 2020 delivers the best Dream League Soccer experience.

Build your own dream team

The Dream League Soccer game series is developed by First Touch Games , famous for releasing soccer or soccer-related games like Score! , Score! Hero , First Touch Soccer 2015 , and many more. 

Highlighting the word "dream dream" in its game title, it gives you the ability to gather the top players in the league and assemble them into a team to make a dream team of the team that will smash other football clubs.

The game will have you play the role of a manager . You will start by forming a team, consisting of random players drawn from real teams in the tournament. Don't worry, though. While the game randomly generates players, you can still decide who will play the captain . 

DLS 2020 also allows you to build your football empire , from Stadiums to Medical, Commercial and Training facilities.

Moreover, the game allows you to freely use the coach to develop the player's physical and technical abilities. You can also hire recruitment and scouting agents , which can help you identify top talent in the transfer market. These aspects are very important for you to pass competitions and more than 10 cup competitions and achieve success in legendary status.

Real-time competition with the best of the world

Dream League Soccer 2020 offers Dream League Online mode in which you can take your team against other teams around the world. Get a chance to compete in the Global Leaderboard and prove your team's prowess. 

Please note that when you use this mode, you need a stable internet connection because the battle will take place in real time with real players.

Areas that need to be developed

Although First Touch Games has applied a lot of improvements in this version, there are still some areas that need polishing . For one, the graphics look poor , compared to its predecessor. The colors of the game are also washed out . DSL 2020 also freezes and crashes constantly, especially late in the game. Usually the game doesn't respond . Loading takes too long or it crashes immediately whenever you try to launch the game app.

Injury rates in DSL 2020 are also relatively high. There will be times when there are more than two injured players on your team. Your player can also get a red card , even with a slight tackle. On top of that, most of the game modes and matches in this 2020 release require an internet connection , especially the career mode, which is available offline in the previous series of games.

The future of online soccer games

Improvements made in DSL 2020 are much appreciated. The 3D moving kicks, tackles, celebrations and precise shooting system are commendable. However, the game areas that need a lot of improvement must be noticed. Once these are resolved, Dream League Soccer 2020 is sure to be the bright future of online soccer games.


  • 3D motion capture player
  • Manage your own dream team
  • Real-time match
  • New animations and group customization


  • Higher chance of injury in the team
  • The game keeps freezing and crashing
  • The game color is washed out
  • Most game modes require an internet connection

Also available on other platforms Dream League Soccer 2022 for iPhone