Steel Rage Mod APK 0.182 (Unlimited ammo)

Steel Rage Mod APK 0.182 (Unlimited ammo)


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Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 0.182
Size 171.0 MB
Unlimited ammo
Category Action
Developer GDCompany
Price Free
Google Play Link com.gdcompany.robocars.shooterwarfare

Description of Steel Rage Mod APK 0.182 (Unlimited ammo)

The battle cars in Steel Rage bring a new atmosphere to the player. Surely you are not familiar with driving a car equipped with a weapon on the battlefield. We often only see combat vehicles like airplanes and tanks. You'll enter a new place to fight against enemies raging in the city. Steel Rage is the convergence of powerful supercars. Here we have the races to stay alive, not fast. Work closely with teammates, protect each other and eliminate enemies. Each vehicle has combat equipment at its disposal, watch and aim, and attack until the enemy explodes.

The large city in which players can move completely freely. There are always barriers that help battle machines avoid temporary bullets when attacked. If you recognize your opponent's position, remember that he also has this ability. Steel Rage is a level playing field for all players, the side that defeats all opponents first wins. Sniper Strike , Real Steel Boxing Champions are also some action games that are worth trying. But instead of driving, you can use a gun or perform in boxing matches.

Steel Rage mod

Download Steel Rage mod - Battle of Battle Cars

If we talk about driving and fighting, this is not the new way to play. But Steel Rage is a collection of action-packed activities that aren't fun. You'll have to concentrate on fights with teammates as well as challenging opponents. Don't create too much distance between yourself and your teammates, that is, you'll create an opening for the enemy. It's hard to deal with when you're surrounded by a lot of enemies. Even your good skills can't be fought if they're too crowded. Back in the war, take a cabin and control the vehicle you want to go straight into battle with. Everything is detailed, you can see the projectile in flight.

Steel Rage mod android

Wars in several places

Players can meet in cities or forests with lots of trees. There are some places that become a battlefield between the two sides. The battle is judged relatively fair for everyone with the same chance. But the player's vehicle control and combat skills will make a difference. Explore the map and quickly capture each of the key locations as you take your advantage.

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Choose the fight car

Cars in Steel Rage are not just for the garage. You do see the full range of sedans, SUVs, ... but each car is equipped with weapons. Due to the characteristics of the different battlefields, each type of car has its own effect. Before choosing a vehicle, you need to check the parameters so that they fit the upcoming battle. For example, SUVs often have an advantage over sedans in difficult terrain at higher altitudes. Players are easier to move when they encounter bad roads.


It must be said that Steel Rage lets the player customize the vehicle details specifically. You'll be able to intervene in the exterior, such as paint, to increase the camouflage efficiency, and chassis options and weapons, to create a combat vehicle with its own style. After all, there will be 4 different weapons on the vehicle, so you should be fully prepared for any situation. Of course, there are many types of weapons, so it is very important to consider which weapon you choose.

Steel Rage mod android

Steel Rage is an unforgiving battle of powerful combat vehicles. Cars that you used to know as a means of transportation or in racing tournaments now perform even better. Take a seat in the cockpit on the battlefield to control your vehicle and fight against your opponents. Download the Steel Rage mod with an extensive system of car models and start the war with your teammates.

Steel Rage Mod APK 0.182 (Unlimited ammo) Download

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