Trolley Trouble APK 2.1 (Official)

Trolley Trouble APK 2.1 (Official)


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Description of Trolley Trouble APK 2.1 (Official)

The Trolley Trouble game is a game that combines both educational and entertainment elements to help players acquire various skills. This is one of the games that brings a lot of answers and players rely on their analysis and calculation skills to choose the most correct and right answers.

Introduction to the educational game The Trolley Trouble Game

The Trolley Trouble game is a fun game by NewfaGames. It was released on August 27, 2018. The game had over two years of development, and many people commented on how great it was.


Trolleys inspire the game. Players have to solve the situation so the number of people in need is minimal.

Educational game The Trolley Trouble Game What is attractive?

Here are some features of The Trolley Trouble game that make it special:


The Trolley Trouble Game is a decision game. The player is the person standing at the lever, deciding the direction the vehicle will go. This results in different results depending on which lever the player chooses.

Players should carefully consider their choices as they are the direct cause of the characters' lives in the game. As long as there is a car that miscalculates, the in-game character will immediately lose their life.

The maximum number of characters that lose their lives is 5 people. This is a nightmare number for gamers. Therefore, players must come up with a problem to limit this number of people.


  • In The Trolley Trouble Game, the players see the events as pictures on paper.
  • All the content of the game is extremely carefully invested, helping players to think from many sources and methods to solve problems.


In the game, players can train themselves in patience. You have to consider all possible situations in the game and calculate so that the maximum number of people is safe.

As such, the element of observation and patience will be paramount as players engage in the challenge. When the player is in a hurry, it is difficult to choose the right answers and minimize the maximum number of accidents for the characters in the game.

Frequently asked questions when participating in The Trolley Trouble game

  • Is the Trolley Trouble game playable on PC?

Game The Trolley Trouble game Playable on PC and mobile devices.

  • Where is The Trolley Trouble game free?

To download the game The Trolley Trouble game Free, go to the site. Here are some other educational games we like, such as: Maze Escape: Toilet Rush, LINE Pokopoko, Text Express Word Adventure

How to Download The Trolley Trouble Game Educational Game for Android, IOS

Download the game The Trolley Trouble It's free from Registration. Players participate to choose the right answer to reduce the number of accident victims and help them move safely on the road.

Trolley Trouble APK 2.1 (Official) Download

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