True Edge Mod APK 5.5.8 (No Ads, Unlocked Mod)

True Edge Mod APK 5.5.8 (No Ads, Unlocked Mod)


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Description of True Edge Mod APK 5.5.8 (No Ads, Unlocked Mod)

We can always tell when our smart devices receive a notification because the screen lights up even if it was previously off. However, sometimes this feature goes unnoticed, leaving us missing important or urgent notifications that require urgent attention or immediate responses.

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However, there is a fun and extremely eye-catching way through which your screen can notify you of an incoming text through the True Edge Pro APK, and this guarantees that you will always see it coming.

What is True Edge Pro APK?

True Edge Pro APK is a notification app that appears on your screen in the form of edge lighting and can be customized in different styles and colors. The Pro APK is a premium version of the base app that can be found on the Play Store as it includes all the features that the free app lacks, such as: B. the lack of advertising, and other features.

Some of the pro features we've unlocked include fingerprint unlocking, showing notification icons, edge styles, and removing ads. Hope you enjoy our True Edge Mod APK and free download from our website.

App Details

Name True Edge Pro
Version 5.4.7
Size 5.6 MB
Developer newGen Mobile
Category Personalization
Downloads 500,000+
Last updated November 22, 2022

True Edge Pro APK Download latest version for Android

True Edge Pro APK is available for all Android devices and while you need a paid subscription to upgrade from the basic version to the premium version, I will provide you with a link to download the Pro APK for free. Enjoy a great and electrifying experience without annoying ads.

True Edge

Download the latest version of True Edge Pro APK below.


No ads at all

In the general version, which you can usually download from the playstore, there is advertising. But in our True Edge Pro version there are no ads at all. This is a good thing if you want to use the application in peace. Also, there are no restrictions such as watching ads to unlock the Pro feature for a period of time.

Set schedule

If you prefer to have a fixed schedule of when you want the application to work the way you want, you can set a schedule at any time. Set the start and end time within which the application should work and shut down after reaching the time limit. This is of course an optional setting, without which True Edge would always be on.

Blocklist of apps

True Edge also allows you to specify which apps you want to block for activating "True Edge" on notifications. So if you're trying to avoid or ignore a specific app's notifications, don't worry when the messages arrive because the dashed light on True Edge does not appear.

true edge edge lighting apk

Notification Reminder Delay

With this setting, the app will be activated at the selected interval until a notification is cleared or viewed. You can set the intervals to a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 30 minutes, or even disable them. However, the notification reminder will automatically turn off after 2 hours to save battery.

Missed call notifications

This feature allows True Edge to display missed call notifications, but also prevents the app from waking up during a call. For those who fear a privacy invasion: True Edge respects everyone's privacy and doesn't even collect, monitor, or store phone calls.

Inspirational Quotes

"Many of the failures in life are people who didn't realize how close they were to success when they gave up." These were some of Thomas A. Edison's most powerful words of inspiration, and True Edge brings you a variety of different inspirational quotes from famous people every time you close and reopen the app.

Dark mode

The app also has a dark mode that can be activated by tapping the moon and star icon in the top right corner once you open the application. This protects your eyes and allows you to see better at night.

Edge Lightig Feature

Edge lighting adjustment and preview

True Edge Pro gives its users full lighting control by allowing them to customize the features that appear on the screen when a notification arrives. One can change the border mode from smooth to dashed and even choose a border style from the many different options available like crash, stable, bubbles, pawprints, ripple, bounce, circle, and others.

Set a timeout for each light indicator, or turn it off and leave the light on until the message is deleted or viewed. 

However, disabling the timeout would consume more battery life. You can also customize the different aspects of the border such as: B. the radii of the top and bottom corners, the size of the edge and the edge speed. Go ahead and adjust the border's color mode by selecting the different colors to include in the lighting.

Once you're happy with your settings, you can tap the rocket icon in the bottom-left corner of the main menu to preview how your screen will light up when you get a notification.

Closing words

True Edge Pro APK is the decent personalization application for Android devices also supports different types of screens like Notch, Water Drop, Samsung Infinity O Display and more. So, you want the lighting that edges the screen? 

Then this could be your best choice, which offers unlimited colors.

If you like the app, you can give it a good star rating and show some love on Facebook so more of your friends can enjoy the exciting look of their screens that light up when motivation occurs.

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True Edge Mod APK 5.5.8 (No Ads, Unlocked Mod) Download

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