Vault APK Lancelot (Premium Unlocked)

Vault APK Lancelot (Premium Unlocked)


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Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version Lancelot
Size 13.01 MB
Premium Unlocked
Category Photography
Developer fourchars
Price Free
Google Play Link com.fourchars.privary

Description of Vault APK Lancelot (Premium Unlocked)

If you want to download the latest version of Vault APK, you must come to ModAir. In ModAir you can download Vault APK Lancelot for free. The following is a detailed introduction of Vault APK v3.2.1.8 Lancelot.

Vault APK Free Download

Vault APK is the PRO version of Vault APK. By using Vault APK, you can easily complete all the tasks and requirements in it. Often you have to spend a lot of time or money just to get rewards, but by using Vault APK, you often reach your destination in a very short time. Vault APK is the best way to get ahead of your competitors. Now in ModAir you can download Vault APK v3.2.1.8 Lancelot for free. This process costs nothing and you can use it with confidence.

Download Vault APK with ModAir

If you don’t want to download Vault APK version, you can also download Vault APK on ModAir. ModAir will update the private version of APK in no time. Users can easily update the Vault APK without downloading Google Play.

Vault APK v3.2.1.8 Lancelot 2022 Features

Download Vault APK and have the highest level of protection for your private photos, videos and documents. More than 5 million people around the world have trusted it and it has blocked more than 650 million files. Feel the difference. More convenient than your standard gallery, Vault APK protects you with the same encryption the government uses!

Organize your photos, keep them private and protect any video or document. Vault APK is a completely secure photo vault that hides all private documents with unique full protection!

Vault APK is ready to help you. The files you import into Vault APK are completely hidden and securely locked with your personal password, PIN, or fingerprint. No one but you can see your hidden files!

Backed by multi-level security to ensure your privacy. Many apps can hide photos, but they are weak and easy to hack. Privacy makes all the difference as it uses real encryption with AES CTR to ensure the highest level of security for your privacy. Hide and lock documents, photos and videos Unlock your vault with a PIN, password or fingerprint Create folders and subfolders to sort files You Complete data protection with Full-Encryption “If you want real privacy, choose Vault APK ”. Vault APK locks your important documents with amazing features: organize as you like and create as many folders or subfolders as you like. An encrypted photo locker that fully protects your private photos and documents from spying and hackers, but gives you much more convenience than your public gallery. Vault APK App Lock offers exclusive premium premium protection:

• Full SD card support

• Automatic intruder detection

• Hidden in recently used apps

Choose whether to hide your app list privacy. Or open a fake safe to keep yourself protected if someone forces you to open your personal safe. 


Just import any photo, video or document to protect it in your private vault. Vault APK encrypts everything, not just your passwords!

Every file you store in your Personal Vault is fully encrypted for the best protection. Is it comparable to gallery lock? Not Vault APK is a secret photo gallery and file manager where you can put your files, photos and videos to keep them safe. Built for real security and privacy.

Install Vault APK for great protection right out of the box. No experience required.

Is there a jailbreak like many other apps?

No Vault APK is a high security AES-CTR encrypted vault. There is no way to get past security.

Does Vault APK send my files to the server?

No. All files remain on your device. Encrypted. And when you use the cloud, your files are stored on your own Google Drive™. Also fully encrypted. Personalized Privacy with Premium Protection No Ads

– Enjoy the best protection without the hassle Fake Vault

– Create decoy vaults with separate passwords Cloud Protection

– Create instant backups to your private secure cloud

How big is Hidden Folder?

Vault APK can block millions of documents, photos and videos. Privacy is also your best option if you are looking for a locker app to keep your Messenger photos private.

Can I take photos or videos from my Personal Image Vault?

If at any time.

Is video playback supported?

Yes. Vault APK can play all videos!

For example: mp4, wmv, mkv, avi, mov, 3gp, mpg, flv, h264, divx, ogv, f4v, m4v, dv, etc.

Do you have questions about your private photo vault?

just call us at [email protected]

Privacy cares about your privacy. We focus on real protection for everyone in the world.

Install Vault APK and protect your private documents as an IT professional.

Vault APK Lancelot (Premium Unlocked) Download

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