Fun Run 3 Mod APK 4.20.1 (Menu, God Mode/Unlimited Jump/Fast speed)

Fun Run 3 Mod APK 4.20.1 (Menu, God Mode/Unlimited Jump/Fast speed)


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Tương thích Android 5.0+
Phiên bản mới nhất 4.20.1
Dung lượng 131.98 MB
Menu, God Mode/Unlimited Jump/Fast speed
Chuyên mục Racing
Nhà phát triển Dirtybit
Giá Miễn phí
Google Play Link com.dirtybit.fra

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If running can be fun, why not come? Fun Run 3 MOD APK. Exciting races between animals are held at constant frequency. Make it easy for us to register and compete with others. How to win What we need comes only from your own speed.

Fun Run 3 - Multiplayer Games

Agileness is also important. Improve experiences and skills by creating breakthroughs. Find the fun in each step of the journey.

Fun Run 3 is the birth of a version that brings you even more new things. The first is randomness, which enhances the game’s trademark. Helps us see more reality in the things we choose.

The skills that the characters can perform will also be improved. However, the game still maintains the familiar images with many big pluses. A product with the most complete entertainment for everyone. Keeping all the success in the game is easy for everyone.

Burden Fun Run 3 Mod APK – Run fast to the finish line.

The race of the animals in the forest will start again soon. So it’s time for you to prove your strength at every step. We will still have a simple and easy to understand gameplay like Mario.

Control the character so that it runs as stably as possible on its way. Avoid encountering obstacles that may come your way at any time. Be careful, because other opponents can also push you back behind you.

Use all the tricks and breakthroughs to get to a higher position. You will be the winner and nothing can stop you.

Power upgrade

It’s great that we can strengthen to defeat the opponent. That’s thanks to the amazing boosters you get along the way. They appear randomly on certain streets. Each type of item grants you a specific benefit. For example, increasing running speed, increasing health, sucking around objects, traps, chainsaws, etc. It can help you gain certain advantages and cause damage to your opponent. That’s a pretty good thing if we can catch them and outperform the competition. This is the only way to increase your ability to reach the finish line first.

Fun Run 3 mod apk 1

To play with friends

Surely, Fun Run 3 doesn’t just allow us to randomly match different players. It also gives us the opportunity to play with friends very easily. You simply create a custom room and then invite whoever you want.

Room owners can join any map they want. It will be a terrifying competition to see who will win the league title. At the same time, it also strengthens friendship.

So don’t hesitate to call your comrades to join the fight. This will be a challenge for which you must prepare well.

Fun Run 3 mod 1

Character customization

Aside from normal play, players can also choose any character they fancy. With these characters we can customize extremely interesting fashions to make them stand out from the rest.

From wearing hats, boots, coats to gloves to create your own style. Many great characters will be created and branded. Don’t ignore this if you want to become a real Fun Run 3 Mod racer.

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