W&O POS Mod APK 13.3.0 (Unlocked)

W&O POS Mod APK 13.3.0 (Unlocked)


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Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 13.3.0
Size 19.35 MB
Category Business
Developer aadhk
Price Free
Google Play Link com.aadhk.restpos

Description of W&O POS Mod APK 13.3.0 (Unlocked)

Restaurant management has never been easier with W&O POS. When you start a restaurant or a small coffee shop, it is definitely necessary to manage it to some extent. If pen and paper are not enough, use W&O POS Mod APK.

Restaurant Point of Sale - POS

This app helps you manage items and create invoices. It's good for people who want to start a business, like a shop or small company.

Statistics on each item in this store. Count accurately. You can easily make invoices without writing time-consuming paper.

The UI isn't great, but W&O POS's capability isn't a big deal. You probably know whether W&O POS affects your work positively or negatively.

If you have more W&O POS on your smartphone, you don't need to hire an extra manager. You manage your shop with your smartphone. Control the number of customers, important items, and print invoices for important transactions.

Download W&O POS mod – intelligent sales management system

W&O POS works with the business of your store. This includes controlling the number of items available, calculating and printing invoices for customers.

If you have a printer nearby, it's even more convenient. When customers want to buy something, click “Create New Order” to start selling. Click on the items that the customer wants to buy, they will be added to the shopping cart.

You have to manually add them to the item listing system. The more sale items there are, the fewer or more there will be. They are arranged in a specific order to make them easier to find.

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Calculate and create invoices

You need to do this every day when your store has a lot of visitors. Let’s say it’s a cafe that serves drinks and desserts. Add items you have in the shop to add them to the sales list. Each time a customer orders something, create a new order and add it to the cart.

The shopping cart is the customer's order. Cancel with a tap, then finish the order. W&O POS calculates the final price. If the customer needs to print an invoice, just create one and use the printer. This is the basic business process.

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Regular sales statistics

Every bill is saved so you don't miss a bill. If you lose some expensive bills, the business suffers. When multiple invoices are created at the same time, they are sorted by placement.

If not distinguishable, name the customer for faster selection. Sales statistics are always displayed when you turn them on. It gives the name of the business you own. Yourself adds the setup time.

Below it are parameters such as the number of goods sold. Each item has a different quantity. The price of each order is listed very fully. Easily calculate total sales.

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Management in many forms

How many ways does your store serve customers? If you’re serving in the restaurant as well as delivering takeout, you don’t need to worry about making statistics and calculating income.

First, you have to create different folders in W&O POS. Each directory represents a different form of sale. Regarding in-store sales, create slots equal to the number of tables customers are seated at.

When customers order, it will be much easier to control. The remaining directories will play business roles in other forms. It can be home delivery to customers served in different branches…

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W&O POS would certainly not be the right application for a large company or a group. Then consider hiring excellent managers who would be a better match for you. For a shop or a small grocery store, W&O POS is of course always the best choice.

It’s easier to manage everything in one small system. The calculation is absolutely correct for the sales statistics. It’s a very useful tool if you don’t want to hire an additional manager for your store. Download the W&O POS mod APK to start a business.

W&O POS Mod APK 13.3.0 (Unlocked) Download

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